Creeping Sharia: Islamized Los Angeles: For the First Time, Major Landmarks Are Lit Up Green for Ramadan (Video)

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RAIR Foundation
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30 March 2023
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National News
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A California Marxist Councilmember, Nithya Raman, has teamed up with an Islamic supremacist group to Islamize the City of Los Angeles for Ramadan. The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) lobbied Raman, a card-carrying member of America’s largest Marxist organization, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), to light up City Hall and the Sixth Street Bridge with the color green for Ramadan. So for one week, Los Angeles will keep the structures illuminated for the Islamic holiday.

The DSA is a violent socialist group working with international communists and Islamic supremacist groups to destroy the West. So it is not surprising that Raman has teamed up with MPAC, a group founded by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, to Islamize Los Angeles. Furthermore, MPAC has a long history of spreading antisemitism and defending Islamic terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah...

As reported at RAIR, Islamic supremacists use psychology on those they aim to conquer. For example, they know it’s essential to make people in the West accustomed to celebrating Islamic holidays or hearing the call to prayer. If heard or recognized often enough, it no longer seems out of place and instead becomes as normal as hearing church bells ringing or seeing Christmas decorations. So just this past weekend, across the country on the east coast in New York City, Islamic supremacists seized control of Times Square for Ramadan...

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