Creeping Sharia: Muslim students praying out loud at Metro State Univ., Denver

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Bare Naked Islam
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8 December 2019
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Colorado News
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The latest incident involves a woman hurling F-bombs at Muslim students praying in a public venue at Metropolitan State University of Denver, captured on video...

Designated terrorist group CAIR-Colorado is “demanding” disciplinary action against the woman involved in the Metro incident. She’s presumed to be a student; the confrontation took place in a campus computer lab....

Here’s the tweeted video, in which the woman can be heard saying “F*ck your religion”... (All support for this woman. She’s got guts!)
So we’re praying Maghreb and this lady starts going off trying to say “DO THIS SOMEWHERE ELSE” and then starts bumping music. So we confront after and she begins with “F your religion..F you..I don’t care about your prayers” just belligerence. Omar comes to pray and she continues

CAIR-Colorado acting board chair Krista Cole offers this statement: “Our religious freedoms grant us the right to practice our faith publicly (NO, IT DOES NOT) and to be free of harassment or intimidation while doing so. (NO, IT DOES NOT. And you will be harassed whenever and wherever you pull this crap) We urge MSU Denver to continue investigating this incident and work to ensure all students are comfortable practicing their faith on campus.” (“On campus” means in your dorm room or in a chapel space, not anywhere you damn feel like...)


This incident represents the doggedness of creeping Sharia. Notice in the video how islamic prayer is being forced upon others in a public venue, presumably taxpayer-funded.

Note how designated terrorist group CAIR-Colorado is demanding disclipinary action against the victim of public islamic prayer.

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