DC Trucker Convoy Demanding End to Biden Regime Covid Policies

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The People's Convoy is underway
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5 March 2022
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National News
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Watch Live: Convoy Of Truckers Arrive At Final Staging Area Before Push To D.C. Region, ZeroHedge, 5 March 2022.

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Hundreds of U.S. Truckers Kick Off ‘People’s Convoy’ in California Demanding an End to the COVID National Emergency, American Greatness, 23 February 2022: 

Inspired by the “Freedom Convoy” in Canada, American truckers have organized their own nationwide “Convoy to DC” in protest of the Biden regime’s authoritarian COVID policies.

Truckers gathered in San Bernardino County, California, Wednesday, to launch their “People’s Convoy” cross country road trip to Washington D.C. to demand an end to the declaration of national emergency concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, and the restoration of our Constitution.

Hundreds of vehicles assembled at the Adelanto Stadium parking lot for a rally ahead of the group’s eastward trek on Interstate 40 to Kingman, Arizona for the Convoy’s first stop....