Decades of mass 'colonizing immigration’ - France's collapse

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Olivier Bault
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9 July 2023
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National News
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After mass riots during the past week shocked France and the world, the former head of France’s powerful DGSE intelligence agency says the root cause of his country’s tragic situation is above all “the dominant ideology, which has justified and even glorified the massive colonizing immigration that has been taking place over the last half-century.”...

In a discussion about immigration on the public radio station France Culture last April, Brochand issued a warning which found its full expression in the week of violent rioting and looting that took hold of France...

“If we do nothing or if we do little, we are going to head either towards a progressive implosion of social trust in France, that is to say towards a society where the quality of life will collapse and where it will be less and less pleasant to live, or, by successive explosions, towards confrontations that will make France a country where one will not be able to live at all.”...

In [Interior Minister Gérald] Darmanin’s eyes, the non-White youth that caused mayhem on the streets of France for days, often invoking the Quran and the name of Allah, have no link to immigration as they are French citizens...

“Closing borders in the name of the precautionary principle – the Polish way – has never been seriously considered in our country,” Brochand said... 

Meanwhile, a large majority of French people are strongly opposed to what increasingly appears to be a dangerous social engineering experiment by the liberal elites...


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Order will not be restored by force, nor is it likely to be restored by electoral change because any right-wing party that manages against the odds to gain power in a Western country is not likely to have the will, social power, or legal authority to do what is necessary to turn around the inevitable trends of decline. Order, it seems, will only be restored after collapse.

So, let Paris burn—Macron is not worried about it, so why should you? Let New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Minneapolis burn, for that matter, and let the left-wing denizens of those cities deal with the consequences of their political decisions. Any attempt to arrest the inevitable collapse will be branded as right-wing extremism anyway...

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