The Dehumanizing Tyranny of Densification

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The prevailing vision of environmentalism today caters to a global oligarchy.
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Economics, not any particular concern for the planet, drives the density agenda.
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Edward Ring
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American Greatness
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27 July 2022
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Our American Future
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The conventional wisdom among America’s liberals, often seconded and rarely challenged by conservatives, is that population growth in the United States should be channeled as much as possible into the footprint of existing cities. Surrounding cities should be “greenbelts,” suburban growth should be rejected as unsustainable “sprawl,”...

The movement to increase the population density of cities and reduce rural populations is already enshrined in California law and is rolling quietly across the rest of the nation....

Stated simply, population densification will fundamentally undermine Americans’ ability to preserve their freedom and independence. You don’t have to reference Agenda 2030*—about which it is now almost impossible to find any negative commentary online—to understand how easily a population can be controlled when it is relocated and concentrated into a handful of megacities....

Economics, not any particular concern for the planet, drives the density agenda. Chief among these economic imperatives is to render housing barely affordable. Reducing the supply of housing while increasing the U.S. population through loose immigration policies creates shortages, which then drive up prices....

Perpetually inflating the value of real estate, in turn, creates new asset collateral. This helps balance the U.S. trade deficit, as foreign investors repatriate dollars by buying expensive American real estate.... The macroeconomic scheme that lets Americans print as much currency as they want and monetize the world with dollars purchasing foreign goods is sustained, in large part, by keeping the value of U.S. real estate artificially high....

Banks, institutional investors, mega housing developers, international corporations, tech heavyweights, public utilities, and public agencies all prefer high density. Environmentalism provides cover....Stack and pack, do it for the earth, and laugh all the way to the bank.


* The original article links to a map of a corridor system to protect biodiversity. Such a concept is ecologically sound. However, there are many aspects of Agenda 2030 that threaten human freedom.

The Commie Colonization Of America, by Michelle Malkin, VDare, 26 July 2022:

From California to the New York island, from the Redwood Forest to the Gulf stream waters, the land that used to belong to Americans has been milked and bilked by investors and paid government agents of the People's Republic of China....

Indeed, the commie colonization of America has been taking place for decades. But it's not rapacious Beijing enemies abroad who deserve the most blame. It's traitorous Democrats and globalist Republicans who've pimped and profited off of fraud-ridden green card rackets that allowed foreigners to gobble up our country....

The Chinese are buying up north Texas, charter schools and adjacent properties in Arizona, North Carolina and Florida, and 40% of the iconic General Motors building in New York....

The ultimate fault lies not with Chinese buyers, but with the treacherous Swamp creatures in both parties selling out end-stage America acre by acre, business deal by business deal, from sea to shining sea.

In the Past Year, Chinese Investors Purchased $6.1 BILLION Worth of Property in The US After Being Banned by Other Countries for Pushing Up House Prices, Gateway Pundit, 28 July 2022.

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