Democracy vs "Our Democracy"

Article author: 
Jeremy Carl
Article publisher: 
American Mind
Article date: 
26 August 2022
Article category: 
National News
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When the Democrats talk about “their” political system, believe them....

... Hillary Clinton posted an interview on Twitter with the Financial Times... in which she declared that “We are standing on the precipice of losing our Democracy.” The word “Our” seemed to be doing a lot of work in Hillary’s formulation....

“OUR DEMOCRACY” (hereafter styled in all caps, for emphasis)— when used by Democrats means the opposite of democracy itself—instead referring to the oligarchical political system run by them and their enablers in the GOP establishment. When Democrats say “OUR DEMOCRACY,” the “our” literally refers to something they believe they own....

The democratic process itself is unpopular with the OUR DEMOCRACY crowd...

OUR DEMOCRACY even improves through censorship. The Democrat-aligned activist group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington says, “Truth Social enables Trump and his supporters to continue their attempts to undermine OUR DEMOCRACY. Apple needs to remove it from its App Store.”...

Unsurprisingly, the most important target of the OUR DEMOCRACY throng is Donald Trump, and their primary goal is making sure Americans can’t make the mistake of democratically electing him in the future....

But winning the prize is David Rothkopf, former senior Clinton Administration official and managing director of the deep establishment consulting firm Kissinger Associates, who wrote that “until Trump it had never been essential to the survival of OUR DEMOCRACY and the rule of law in our country for a president to be indicted & convicted.”...


What they mean by 'democracy' is nothing more than the system of dominance that came to prevail in the United States and the Western world in the last half of the last century. That system has nothing to do with elections, opposition parties, civil and political rights, or 'liberty,' nor does it have anything to do with political theory, ancient or modern. 'Democracy,' as the neocons and the President and most others who are enthusiastic about it use the word, means the centralized leviathan state under the firm and unqualified control of the managerial bureaucracy and those political forces able to influence it.
- Sam Francis, 2004

When leftist elites say "our democracy", what they really mean is "our oligarchy".

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