Democrat Defeats Palin in Alaska: Rank Choice Voting and Mail-in Ballots

Article author: 
Jim Hoft
Article publisher: 
Gateway Pundit
Article date: 
1 September 2022
Article category: 
National News
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Democrat Mary Peltola defeated Sarah Palin in the Alaska Special election to replace Rep. Don Young in Congress.

She is the FIRST DEMOCRAT to win the House seat in solid red Alaska in 50 Years!

Rank choice voting and mail-in ballots were implemented by referendum in 2020.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported earlier this month that Republicans in Alaska passed rank-choice voting in 2020. This confusing system is only being pushed by RINOS and radicals in conservative red states. It allows Democrats to even the playing field when they have no chance of winning.

Republicans also passed mail-in voting....

And at the same time, they dropped signature verification on ballots....

These new rule changes will ensure the state becomes the next Oregon or California....


Baked Alaskan: 60% of voters cast ballots for Republicans. A Democrat won, by Ed Morrissey, 1 September 2022:

What happens when you combine an all-in or “jungle” primary with ranked-choice voting in the general election? Putting the two modern “innovations” on elections together in Alaska produced this absurd result, in which Republicans lost a House seat despite getting 60% of the vote.

And get ready for it to happen all over again in two months:...

The problem here isn’t cheating — the result is legitimate. It’s the jury-rigged Alaska election system that’s absurd....

First off, Alaska has chosen to use all-in primaries instead of party primaries. Other states have adopted these as well, notably California, but they use those to narrow down the general election to a run-off between the top two vote-getters. Alaska puts the top four finishers on its general-election ballot, but requires a majority to win. Rather than use a subsequent runoff between the top two of the general election, Alaska requires voters to fill out second and third choices between the four candidates … and then goes through a ridiculous process to assign those ranked choices if one candidate doesn’t get 50% — which this system all but guarantees will happen. ...

And in this case, the party that got 60% of the vote lost to the party that got 40% of the vote....