Democrats Block Coronavirus Rescue to Push Pelosi’s 1,400-Page Pork-Stuffed Bill

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Placing politics before the welfare of Americans by these despicable democrats is absolutely unconscionable in this time of crisis.
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Charlie Spiering
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23 March 2020
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National News
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi debuted a 1,120-page coronavirus rescue bill after Democrats tanked the Senate proposal on Sunday night.

The bill includes a wish list of Democrats’ pet issues including:

  1. Increased fuel emission standards for airlines receiving funds and carbon offsets...
  2. Payment for up to $10,000 in student loans...
  3. Same-day voter registration, early voting, voting by mail, ballot harvesting...
  4. Preserving collective bargaining powers for unions...
  5. The expansion of wind and solar tax credits...
  6. Requirements for federal and corporate gender and racial diversity data...
  7. Post Office Bailout...
  8. Automatic extension of nonimmigrant visas...
  9. Restricting colleges from providing information about citizenship status...
  10. Money for Planned Parenthood...


Pelosi ‘Stimulus’ Bill Imposes Nationwide ‘Ballot Harvesting’ Without ‘Any Limit’, Breitbart, March 23, 2020:

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s new stimulus bill would mandate nationwide “ballot harvesting,” allowing party operatives to return other people’s ballots to polling places without “any limit” on the number of ballots.

“Ballot harvesting” was legalized in California in 2016, and first used in the 2018 midterm elections....

The practice is illegal in most other states, largely because it is susceptible to fraud and intimidation....

It is a practice that is known in Third World countries as “ballot stuffing,” and is outlawed in every democracy, no matter how poor — even in countries where the physical and administrative obstacles to voting are far greater than in the world’s most developed economy.

And it is Pelosi’s condition for saving the U.S. economy from coronavirus.


Nancy Pelosi’s Coronavirus Plan Gives $300M to Foreign Refugees, Breitbart, March 24, 2020.


How Low Can the Democrats Sink?, by John Hinderaker, PowerLine, March 24, 2020:

The $1 trillion+ bailout was the sort of bill the Democrats would normally love. So, what was their problem? It didn’t include enough of their pet hobby horses. Dan Crenshaw confirms what has been reported:

    I can confirm this. This is what Democrats torpedoed the rescue package for.

    This will go down as one of the most cynical, disgusting, malevolent actions in history. Millions are losing jobs while they play these games.

    — Rep. Dan Crenshaw (@RepDanCrenshaw) March 23, 2020

... Now, the economy and the stock market have tanked. It obviously isn’t due to anything he did, but nevertheless, the strongest reason to vote for him in November is now off the table, barring an extraordinary recovery over the next few months–a recovery which the Democrats are determined to prevent.

So, while the Democrats’ conduct is reprehensible, it remains to be seen whether it will be punished.


Dan Crenshaw NUKES Dems for delaying coronavirus response bill: ‘It can save our economy. And they killed it - Let that sink in and positively remember that this November, National Sentinel, March 23, 2020:

Hero former Navy SEAL officer Dan Crenshaw blasted Democrats on Monday after the Garbage Party refused to even pass a procedural vote on a desperately needed coronavirus response bill that would, he says, keep America’s economy from tanking.

The real reason House Speaker Nancy Pelosi intervened in the eleventh hour to derail the Senate’s emergency bill, the Texas Republican suggested, was to push her own legislation that contains “a series of non-crisis-related Democratic wishlist items, included some Green New Deal policies and collective bargaining powers for unions,” the Daily Wire reported.

It’s a cheap political stunt he says won’t be soon forgotten.

“Democrats torpedoed a bipartisan emergency bill that: -Provides payroll & rent for small business -Credit to businesses across America to keep them afloat – Cash in American’s pockets – unemployment benefits,” the popular Texas Republican wrote in the first of a series of tweets starting Sunday. “They have no good reasons. Just partisanship. Call your reps NOW.”

“Do Dems want a recession? A depression? How can they justify this?” he asked in a follow-up post. “This bill is critical for the livelihood of millions. Our country will be devastated without immediate help. Dems can lie all they want about ‘helping workers’ but now they are destroying their lives.”

“I am not one to make hyperbolic statements,” Crenshaw continued. “But what Senate Democrats have done is truly awful. This bill was negotiated in good faith. Been monitoring its progress all week. It can save our economy. And they killed it. Out of spite and bitterness. Hold Dems accountable.”...


Pelosi Caves, PowerLine, March 24, 2020:

Nancy Pelosi has thrown in the towel on her attempt to misuse the Wuhan virus epidemic to sneak partisan legislation that has never been able to make it through Congress into law.

After first lying about her corrupt bill, Pelosi has finally agreed to abandon it, by Andrea Widburg, American Thinker, March 24, 2020:

Derek Hunter put it best:

When presented with a choice to help the American people, Democrats prioritized THEIR people over all people, their agenda over the good of nation; they drew a line in the sand to give money to their donors, to push unrelated agenda items that will excite their base, and tell everyone else they can go to hell. No, they can. They deserve to, because they are truly bad people.

However, as Hunter notes, while it shouldn’t be forgotten, the nature of politics is that it probably will be forgotten. First, people have short memories; second, the media lies to protect Democrats; and third, the media will blame President Trump for anything that goes wrong with the economy.

We can only hope that, when November comes around and this is all a distant memory, people can summon up the sense of revulsion they must feel now against the morally bankrupt, opportunistic Democrats, and vote accordingly.