Demography: Census Data: Most Common Age For Whites Is 56, 9 For Hispanics

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Daily Caller
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30 June 2016
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Our American Future
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... The most common age of white American residents is 56 years old, 27 years old for Asian Americans, 25 years old for black Americans, and nine years old for Hispanic Americans, according to June 2016 census data.

It was recently reported that whites were now the minority when it came to births in 2015. Fifty-two percent of births in 2015 were of racial and ethnic minorities. In 2015, whites also became a minority when it came to people under age five. In 2013, the fertility rate among whites was 59 per thousand women of reproductive age. For Hispanics it was 73 births per thousand women aged 15-44.

With current trends, whites are poised to become a minority in the United States during the mid-2040s.



Neither the article nor the U.S. Census Bureau differentiated between fertility rates of Americans of Hispanic ancestry versus illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America. 


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