The Dems Plan to Steal the Presidency

Article author: 
William L. Gensert
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
5 September 2020
Article category: 
National News
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It comes as a stark and frightening realization that the Democrats are not the idiots they appear to be....

It is frightening because the realization comes with an understanding that the Democrats have a many-faceted plan to steal the Presidential Election, now less than two months away....

And now that the polls are turning against the rioters, it may seem idiotic that the Dems are trying to blame Trump for the riotous havoc laying waste to our cities they have fomented and excused for months, if not years....

Apart from having Antifa intimidate at the polls, the Biden Campaign has hired hundreds of lawyers to supposedly prevent Trump from stealing the election, but who, in reality, are intended to muck up with legal technicalities and lawsuits what is looking more and more to be a Trump landslide....

As Angelo M. Codevilla warned:
“Consider the 2020 election. In July, the Democratic National Committee engaged some 600 lawyers to litigate the outcome, possibly in every state. No particular outcome of such litigations is needed to set off a systemic crisis. The existence of the litigations themselves is enough for one or more blue state governors to refuse to certify that state’s electors to the Electoral College, so as to prevent the college from recording a majority of votes for the winner. In case no winner could be confirmed by January’s Inauguration Day, the 20th Amendment provides that Congress would elect the next president. Who doubts that, were Donald Trump the apparent winner, and were Congress in Democratic hands, that this would be likelier than not to happen?”

If they have problems vote-harvesting enough votes to steal the election, Dems will, as they did in 2016, roll out media heads, celebrities, and prominent Democrats to convince members of the Electoral College not to award their votes to Trump.


Video: Raheem Kassam discusses the stakes of the 2020 election, including an interview with Michael Anton, author of The Stakes: America at the Point of No Return (begins at 10:00), Whatfinger / The National Pulse, September 5, 2020:


The following article posits how bad things may get around election day. Let's hope it doesn't come to this.

A False Flag Is Biden’s Only Chance to Win, Tom Luongo, Strategic Culture, September 4, 2020.