Denver braces for possible ICE raid, groups speak out in favor and against operation

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12 July 2019
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Colorado News
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Denver groups and officials are speaking out both for and against possible upcoming Immigration and Customs Enforcement operations....

ICE will reportedly go after 2,000 immigrants [illegal aliens] with criminal histories already listed for deportation in 10 cities, including Denver....

... groups like the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform [CAIRCO] say the enforcement is necessary.

The people that will be apprehended have been ordered to be deported. What’s imperative in this whole situation is that the rule of law be enforced. The American worker is he one that is actually suffering the worst," said Stanley Weeks, Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform research director.
Weeks also said many mmigrants [illegal aliens] come to the U.S. illegally for economic reasons....
KDVR has conflated legal immigrants with illegal aliens. One must presume they deliberately introduced this error in order to bias readers against immigration law enforcement.