Denver Hospital at Point of Collapse Due to Illegal Immigrants

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Hot Air
Article date: 
19 January 2024
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Colorado News
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... Denver isn’t exactly flooded by illegal immigrants [illegal aliens] by today’s standards. Only 36,000 have come through the city in the past couple of years, out of the 8-12 million Biden has been letting flood through the southern border.

Yet still the city’s health care system is on the brink of collapse. Denver Health has been reducing the number of beds available and turning patients away because they have been providing over $130 million in uncompensated care to migrants....

Only 8000 migrants [illegal aliens] visiting Denver Health turned into 20,000 visits, which in turn turned into reduced services for the residents of Denver. Translate that into 8 million spread around the country, and you can see the size of the crisis...

But look at what we are facing, and imagine another 4 years of Biden.


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