More recruits for Joe Biden's army of illegal voters - video

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Watch the Biden treason
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14 February 2024
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National News
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More "recruits" for Joe Biden's army of illegal voters. No women, no children, all military-age males.

He's ushered millions of them into our heartland, a cancer that will metastasize until the America we know is dead.


Another mass illegal crossing of 700+ in Lukeville, AZ this morning. A seemingly endless line now walking to an outdoor Border Patrol processing area. Massive numbers of adult men from around the world mixed in with families from Mexico & Ecuador. This is daily here.


WATCH: Unbelievable Scenes as THOUSANDS of Migrants Invade U.S. Border, National Pulse,23 December 2023:




No Border - Say Goodbye to America, by Brian C. Joondeph, American Thinker, 9 January 2024:

Nobel prize-winning economist Milton Friedman scolded the Wall Street Journal for cheerleading an open-border immigration policy. "It's just obvious you can't have free immigration and a welfare state," he warned.

This leads to a "transfer state," as the Heritage Foundation describes, the government taxing the upper and middle classes, transferring money to lower economic classes via subsidies and benefits...

Which is why a welfare state in an open-borders country will eventually reaching a tipping point. Are we already there?...

This deliberate effort to destroy America has a name. It's the Cloward-Piven strategy... Donald Trump is the only hope to break the sequence...

Mexican Cops Step Aside as New Migrant ‘Poverty’ Caravan Moves North, Breitbart, 28 December 2023.

As Migration Surges, Immigration Court Case Backlog Swells to Over 3 Million, American Renaissance, USA Today, 27 December 2023: "There are people who literally come to the United States and turn themselves in and claim asylum knowing that they can beat the system."

US border sees nearly 10,000 migrant crossings PER DAY in December - highest ever recorded - as massive migrant caravan continues to trek toward southern border that is already stretched to breaking point, Daily Mail, 26 December 2023.

17 Individuals on FBI Terror Watch List Caught Attempting Entry at Southern Border, Bongino Report, 27 December 2023.

Total Illegal Aliens That Entered US Under Joe Biden Now More than Population of New Jersey- the 11th Largest State! (VIDEO), Gateway Pundit, 27 December 2023.

Tens of Thousands of Migrants Amass at Border - video, Geller Report, 21 December 2023.

Texas Border Wide Open as Sector Shutters Stations for Catch and Release, Bretibart, 24 December 2023: The move will leave more than ten thousand square miles within the sector without any Border Patrol presence. 

CBP Sneaks Out Report of 191K Migrant Apprehensions on Friday Before Christmas, Breitbart, 23 December 2023: Border Patrol agents apprehended 191,113 migrants who illegally crossed the border between ports of entry in November, according to the Southwest Land Border Encounters report released on Friday afternoon.

Cloward-Piven strategy - fundamentally transforming America

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Dems Admit They Need Illegals For Their Votes

Video: Biden regime Great Replacement impacts voting rights


Biden’s Border: Illegal Aliens Given Asylum Hearings Nearly a Decade Out, Breitbart, 22 December 2023.

‘We’re Just Uber Drivers,’ Border Patrol Agent Says America Is Being Destroyed - Illegal immigrants who just crossed into California said they came from China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Colombia, and Brazil, Epoch times, 14 December 2023.

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For the West to Live, Immigration(ism) Must Die

Delta, American Airlines, etc Flying Whole Planes Full of Migrants All Over United States, Geller Report, 22 December 2023.

Emergency whistleblower: Red Dawn Alert - South American violent CRIMINALS dispersed across U.S. cities in run-up to 2024 chaos, Natural News, 21 December 2023.

BIDEN’S INVASION: Record Breaking 300,000 Migrant Encounters at Southern Border in December, Highest Single Month Ever Recorded, Geller Report, 4 January 2024.

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Tucker Carlson Episode 30 - What's Happening at the Southern Border is an Invasion and a Crime:


The United States is Facing a New and Imminent Danger, letter from former national security officials, 17 January 2024.

Tucker Carlson with Bret Weinstein at the Darien Gap - highly recommended video


Shall protect every state against invasion


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