Tucker Carlson with Bret Weinstein at the Darien Gap - recommended video

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2 March 2024
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Our American Future
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Tucker Carlson has produced an eminently important interview with evolutionary biologist Bret Weinstein who traveled to the Darien Gap in the Pan American Highway in Panama to witness the migration / invasion of illegal aliens from all over the world to America - including large numbers of invaders from China.

This in-depth interview presents information that the Biden regime, Congress and the leftwing mainstream media are not publicizing to the American people. Weinstein connects the dots and asks a number of crucial questions. He was invited to Panama by former Green Beret Michael Yon to investigate the invasion.

The depth of this discussion makes this a must-watch interview. You won't sleep well afterward. This invasion is poised to grow magnitudes worse as the bridge being built will be a fast-pass to the U.S. for millions and millions.

The Tucker Carlson Encounter: Bret Weinstein at the Darien Gap, 1 February 2024, 73 minute video interview with transcript. It is well worth subscribing to the Tucker Carlson network to view videos such as this.

The video is also available at Tucker Carlson's Twitter, Bret Weinstein's Twitter, Youtube, and Bitchute: Tucker Carlson Network : Episode 71 - Bret Weinstein - Darien Gap:


The interview consists of two parts: the first part discusses the Darien Gap and the Chinese agenda. The second, much shorter segment discusses the China Virus (Covid) and rasies the question: Why didn't the Chinese use mRNA gene therapy shots?

Below are timestamps with important points from the interview.


Segment 1: The Darien Gap and the Chinese agenda.

9:20 Central American migrants are not the whole story. They are not political refugees - they are pursuing economic opportunity. Yet in America we do not offer automatic economic asylum because in order to protect people economically, we end up robbing Americans of their well-being.

10:14 These are not political refugees

13:30 All of the Central American borders are tightly controlled. Yet all those controls are lifted - clearly the result of a massive coordination.

14:00 A shocking number of migrants are from China - overwhelmingly military-age males. Weinstein was forbidden to photograph or to go in to the Chinese migrant camp. The Chinese migrants Weinstein did encounter were the opposite of migrants from other countries. It felt like people did not want to share information because it would be a mistake to do so. Weinstein believes the Chinese migration is being cloaked by the migration from South America, and has some different motivation.

26:00 Who is building a massive highway bridge at the Darien Gap?

30:50 The U.S. Military engaged in throwing our highly trained people for refusing to take mRNA shots. This created a much more compliant military. Yet what happens if illegal aliens are given citizenship in exchange for U.S. military service - people with no allegiance to fundamental American values? Would such a force be used to impose tyranny on Americans?

33:50 The connection to China's one child policy: China's one-child policy led to a surplus of males. When a country wants to expand, excess males become a weapon of conquest.

40:00 Many things in our society have had their purpose inverted: universities, newspapers, the Panama Canal.

42:30 The West appears to be sick with an infection - a parasite that kills its host. Our government is behaving in a way that is sabotaging the interests of average Americans.

46:00 The CCP has a different understanding of what the future of our country is than most Americans do.

49:00 Weinstein was shocked that he did not run into any other journalists at the Darien Gap, suggesting a system that has been corrupted across the board. We're talking literally about millions of people and this is not a minor issue.

55:47 The brutality of the Darien Gap.

58:00 The government of Panama doesn't say much about it. This is part of a deal - they usher people through. It would be a temporary cost for Panama.


Weinstein states, "It's not a friendly migration." Toward the end of this segment, he says we should "Wake up! Something is afoot that none of us has seen before."


Segment 2: Why didn't the Chinese use mRNA gene therapy shots?

1:03:00 What was the connection to Covid? The shots that people got turn down the immune response. It was highly unusual that the entire population was encouraged to get the shots.

1:04:00 A contagious biological weapon is no good unless it separates populations.

1:05:50 Why didn't the Chinese use mRNA shots? This might mean nothing - let's hope so.


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Video of the Chinese migrant camp at the Darien Gap in Panama. On 1 March 2024 there was a riot here. All records of people passing through the camp were conveniently destroyed. The US now has zero chance of knowing exactly who's entered the country via Panama.



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