Illegal Alien Invasion of America: I Am SO Damned Angry at Biden and Congress

With over 9.6 million new illegal aliens now camped out in our country, historians will show that America suffered the greatest invasion of its borders, ever, in the entire history of the world. If you add the other 40 million illegals already here, there will come a point that we will not remain the United States of America. American citizenship will mean nothing!

Those historians will expose Joe Biden as the instigator, promoter and supporter of this invasion. Those historians will show that our U.S. Congress did NOTHING to stop it in the first three years, and most likely, will not stop it in the final 12 months of Biden's reckless, stupid and dementia-plagued administration. Those historians will write that Biden and/or his handlers were the dumbest, most incompetent and most anti-American group in the history of our country.

Those men and women counseling Biden do not know the kind of breakdown, chaos and total loss of America's sovereignty that they caused.

Last night, Colorado Public Radio reported that my City of Denver now houses 37,500 illegal aliens. They interviewed women of "do-gooder" groups who were trying to find food, shelter and care for people who knowingly broke into our country against our laws. Much like most of National Public Radio, they interviewed completely out-of-touch groups that do not understand that another 50,000 or 100,000 of those illegal aliens will turn "Sanctuary City" Denver into a third world city. Colorado Public Radio is a one-sided, liberal radio rag that doesn't want the public to know what's really happening.

First of all, they didn't mention that we already suffer 10,000 homeless Americans and Veterans in Denver who deserve food, housing and care, FIRST, not last. But those American homeless stand at the back of the line because the illegal alien homeless somehow deserve more attention than our own citizens.

Second, those illegal aliens have brought crime, drugs, diseases and shoplifting to our city. They steal anything and everything they can get their hands on! 

Third, those illegal aliens bring NO value to Denver or Colorado. They only force taxpayers to pay for their families, their care, their schooling, their food, their medical and their housing.

Fourth, this invasion brings us diseases that we do not deserve to contract. This invasion brings drugs that are killing our kids by the tens of thousands. This invasion costs our schools in food and ESL courses. It costs our own students who must be forced to be dumbed down to match the illegal alien children.

I am SO damned angry at Joe Biden for being totally incompetent, along with being a senile old man who has done more damage to America in the past 37 months than in any president in the past 245 years. I am just as angry at all 100 U.S. Senators and 435 House Members who are totally, completely and absurdly useless, incompetent and bungling politicians. Why haven't they served their oath of office to the U.S. Constitution? Why haven't they served Article IV, Section 4 of our mandates to protect our country? What don't they understand what the end result of these millions of third world immigrants are going to do to our way of life and our standard of living?

I am angry as hell because I've witnessed what third world countries look like, how they operate and how their citizens live in mindless poverty, endless illiteracy and total misery. That's what we are importing into our country. Once those 9.6 million become 20 million and 30 million and on to 50 million, we will LOSE our country to a mob of humanity that cannot function in a first world country. That's what's coming our way.

I am angry at my two U.S. Senators Hickenlooper and Bennet for being about as stupid and dumbed-down to this invasion as a high school dropout. They support this invasion. They garner all that power… and they use it to destroy our country. They are as stupid and insipid as those do-gooder women trying to save all those 37,500 illegal aliens in Denver. But they don't have a clue as to what they or we are going to do with another 50,000 or 100,000 illegals in Denver or all of Colorado. Senator Michael Bennet earned a Ph.D., but has the common sense of a five year old.

Back in 2013, I visited Bennet's office. I gave my presentation that I give to colleges on America adding another 100,000,000 people. I showed his staff that it wasn't sustainable. I advised him to cut legal immigration down to 100,000 a year from 1,000,000 a year. What did that intellectual idiot do? He raised legal immigration to 2,000,000 a year in Senate Bill 744.

And, guess what? As we destroy our own country, we won't have solved anything because the refugee line of misery grows by 83,000,000 more new babies, net gain, annually added to the world.

What does that mean? Answer: our kids are screwed. We're going to force them into living in a "beehive society" where you can't solve anything. Would you want to be here in 2050 when the numbers manifest? How would you like to see us jump from 340 million to 440 million? What happens when the water, energy, and resources are exhausted? How would you like to live in any of the top 35 cities in America with their populations doubled? What happens when "catastrophic climate destabilization" rams its way into every corner of your life? Are you ready for that?

Those "woke" kids, and generation Z kids face one hell of a nasty ride. I mean, it's going to get ugly.

I can state this fact unequivocally: Historians will record that Joe Biden was THE worst president in the history of the United States… and he's not done yet.


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