Biden regime is quietly pumping more oil than Trump did

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The US is producing more crude per day than at any point in history
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Laurel Duggan
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28 November 2023
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National News
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Under... Joe Biden, the United States is pumping out more oil per day than at any point in history. His administration, which is struggling to convince voters that its economic agenda has been a success, has been uncharacteristically quiet about the achievement. 

The US is currently producing 13.2 million barrels of crude oil per day, beating out the previous record set under Donald Trump, under whom the US became the world’s leading crude oil producer. 

One might expect an increase in domestic oil production - which should bring down consumer prices, bolster the economy and decrease American dependence on foreign oil - to be cause for celebration...

But for Biden, who campaigned on transitioning the country to renewable energy, declining energy costs are in tension with climate goals, posing the President with a conundrum...

Rising gas prices are a threat to any incumbent president, and the decision to pump more oil may be a tacit recognition of that fact. With the presidential election less than a year away, Joe Biden will be trying all that he can to ensure that voters won't be feeling the pinch as they go to the ballot box.


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