The United States is Facing a New and Imminent Danger

Article author: 
Kevin R. Brock, Chris Swecker
Article publisher: 
Legal Insurrection
Article date: 
30 January 2024
Article category: 
National News
Article Body: 

... The threat we call out today is new and unfamiliar. In its modern history the U.S. has never suffered an invasion of the homeland and, yet, one is unfolding now. Military aged men from across the globe, many from countries or regions not friendly to the United States, are landing in waves on our soil by the thousands - not by splashing ashore from a ship or parachuting from a plane but rather by foot across a border that has been accurately advertised around the world as largely unprotected with ready access granted.

It would be difficult to overstate the danger represented by the presence inside our borders of what is comparatively a multi-division army of young single adult males from hostile nations and regions whose background, intent, or allegiance is completely unknown. They include individuals encountered by border officials and then possibly released into the country, along with a shockingly high estimate of "gotaways" - meaning those who have entered and evaded apprehension...

This new reality, this "never seen before" threat deserves greater attention. The borders need to be secured against these young men and those already here illegally must be identified and removed without delay...

The country has been invaded, an invasion that will continue as long as the nation's enemies perceive it will be tolerated.* Until it is stopped, the United States is extraordinarily less safe and secure. Knowing all of this, it would be a shameful travesty if some terrible attack, a preventable attack, were to occur against innocent Americans or the infrastructure that keeps the nation safe and functioning.

The government will have failed grievously in its duty to protect.


* Enemies, whether foreign or domestic.

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