Illegal Aliens Get Equivalent of $300,000 Per Year of Taxpayer Money

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Geller Report
Article date: 
9 January 2024
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National News
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Illegal invaders receive cash, free housing, free food, free phones, free healthcare, free tuition. What is the equivalent of what you have to earn to for that bounty? $300,000...

“[Illegals] are told they have a court date in eight or nine years. You’ll get free housing, you’ll get you free everything... Why won’t you come there? Why wouldn’t you come? In fact the New York Times, to their credit, and I’m no fan of The New York Times given their viewpoint, but to the credit of the New York Times they did a study to try to figure out how much money you’d have to make to get all the benefits of being an illegal. $300,000 By the time you add up for family of four – the the food that you get, the phones that you get, the cash that you get, the housing that you get - $300,000 And what does this mean for Americans? How about that? We’re paying for it.”


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