Biden: Working On Becoming The Worst President, Ever!

On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden took over the reins of the United States government. He inherited a thriving economy, vaccines available and coping with Covid, low gas prices, low food prices, and respect from terrorists around the world. The previous Trump administration had cut illegal immigration to a minimum. Americans enjoyed energy independence along with the Keystone Pipeline being completed to bring consumers cheaper fuel to heat their homes, drive their cars and enjoy reasonable food prices at the grocery store.

Within 10 months, Joe Biden broke our laws by inviting and facilitating over 2,000,000 border jumpers to invade our country. By his own hand, he's flying, bussing and distributing those illegals all over our country - at taxpayer expense into the millionsand billions of dollars. In fact, his "Build Back Better" bill featured $800 million for illegals. He's promised to "give" our tax dollars to the tune of $450,000 to families who broke into our country, but were separated from their children, saying it was "our fault" that they jumped our borders illegally. Joe Biden is specifically in violation of Article IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution. That is an impeachable offense.

In the last 10 months, the drug onslaught into our country continues to kill our children and addict anyone who comes into contact with MS-13 distributed drugs into the billions of dollars. It's beyond sickening.

Biden is personally responsible for getting 13 military personnel killed in his totally incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan. He's totally responsible for airlifting 100,000 Afghan refugees onto our welfare rolls and horrific tax burden that we will pay for their care for decades. We're talking billions of dollars. All the while, we cast aside 540,000 homeless Americans.

Biden promised to shut down Covid, but instead has broken the U.S. Constitution as to personal choice.

In just 10 months, watch all these markers degrade:

Inflation, hostage crisis, border crisis, gas prices, empty shelves, backlogs, supply chains, labor shortage, high crime, pandemic, Chinese missiles, and a stalled agenda. If a presidency has just three of these things, it's in deep trouble. The Biden presidency is facing all of these things at the same time. Alarm bells should be going off right now, but not in Biden's fantasy land.

I'm 75 and Biden is 78. I've watched him lie, cheat and deceive everyone for over 50 years. Biden proved himself a useless U.S. Senator. He accomplished virtually nothing in his 50 years in DC. His son, whom he's covered for, stands as the benchmark for "elite" drug addicts, con-artists (oh, and now he's an artist, maybe like da Vinci, Rembrandt or Van Gogh), liars and thieves. Hunter would only make his father proud if that father was Al Capone or, in this case, Joe Biden. They are birds of the same feather.

Jesse Watters declared Joe Biden a "horrible president" Saturday on "Watters' World," highlighting the president's failed promises and low approval ratings at 38 percent. You have to wonder who those 38 percenters are and what are they thinking?

Jesse Waters said, "I'm sick of beating around the bush. Time to call a spade a spade. Joe Biden is a horrible president. I've seen enough. On pace to be one of the worst of all time. Most of the country thinks he's incompetent, Democrats don't want him to run again; everyone's disappointed. We didn't think it would be this bad this fast. Everything - and I mean everything - he says he's going to do; he doesn't do. And everything he says is true, isn't true."

On top of that, Biden's dementia worsens by the day with every speech, with every forgotten name of world leaders, with remarks that can't be deciphered coherently, and with excuses by Jen Psaki as his only intelligent mouthpiece.

Don't you wonder what transpired during the Cabinet Meeting at the White House last weekend? The top people in government sat around a table with Biden suffering from Alzheimer's Disease?as he mutteredd "Newspeak" to his staff. I'll bet they all walked out of that meeting shaking their heads with disbelief at how totally out of touch with reality Biden is in 2021.

Worse than that, as his track record unfolds in November, December of 2021, what do we face in 2022?

The fact stands: he doesn't know what he's doing. He can't correct anything because he's not capable, coherent and/or articulate enough to lead our country.

The point that must be addressed: either Biden, or Obama, or Soros, his handlers are doing all of this on purpose. They are working to fracture the United States into an unrepairable condition.

They push the most divisive agenda onto all citizens of the United States: Critical Race Theory. If Biden possessed a brain, he should speak out against it being taught in our schools. He should not allow our citizens to hate/despise/distrust other citizens for the color of their skin.

Next on that agenda: flood the country with illegal foreigners who have no affinity toward or any allegiance to the United States. In fact, flood their languages, cultures, religions and incompatible world views into our country with such numbers that we become fragmented beyond repair. That in turn, will cause us to enclave into separate cities, states and it's darned possible that some states will secede from the Union.

Note that his "Build Back Better" bill includes a total amnesty for up to 25 million illegal aliens. They will be able to tap into our welfare systems without putting a dime into them. That's already happening in Detroit with 300,000 middle eastern immigrants riding the welfare rolls along with 125,000 Somalian immigrants riding those food stamp rolls and even lying and cheating you and me out of millions with the EBT cards.

Next on the agenda: Biden and progressive mayors in NYC, Detroit, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, LA, Chicago and St. Louis support "Defund the Police" and the loss of the rule of law. How is that? Look at him. He's said nothing to stop Black Lies Mayhem whose members are "domestic terrorists." But instead, he calls parents at school board meetings, "domestic terrorists." He stood silent as to trashing every police department across the country. He's done nothing to help Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Baltimore, NYC, LA, and San Francisco from being overwhelmed by shootings and crime.

This column could speak to another dozen nightmares we face, but there's not enough space to document them.

But you, fellow American, must be wondering, "What will Biden do for another three years and six weeks? And that's "IF" he doesn't suffer a heart attack, stroke or total collapse from exhaustion. If he keeps staggering, stumbling and mumbling forward, we're all at risk for his gross incompetence. And worse, all the people covering up for him.

If this continues, we're heading for a really ugly three more years.


Frosty Wooldridge is author of America's Overpopulation Predicament: Blindsiding Future Generations

If you would like a free electronic copy of this book, please email Frosty with your email address. Every American needs to understand what they face. frostyw at juno dot com. You can also purchase the book by phone at 888.519.5121.


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