Our Completely Decrepit and Incompetent President

Yesterday in a Congressional meeting in Washington DC, an American housewife who lost two of her sons to fentanyl over-doses gave her testimony to disinterested democrats. They listened politely, but as usual, will do nothing to secure our southern border when millions of deadly drugs cross over 24/7. Last year there were over 100,000 drug over-dose deaths, and in 2021, 110,000 drug over-dose deaths

She said, "If you had 100,000 Chinese soldiers at our southern border with 100,000 rifles ready to kill 100,000 Americans, I bet you would do something to stop them… but instead, you're helping kill 100,000 Americans with drugs that are being invited over the border by our own president. If this isn't corruption or incompetence at the highest levels in Washington DC, I don't know what is." (Source: Tucker Carlson interview, March 1, 2023)

Right now, in the streets of America in all our big cities, the homeless use their food stamps money to buy drugs. In that program, Carlson interviewed a homeless man who spelled out how the homeless buy their drugs. He said, "When you pay for bad behavior, you get more bad behavior - we'll never solve the drug crisis with easy access coming over our borders."

As I sat in my chair watching the program, it wrenched my guts to think that President Biden supports, facilitates, encourages and condones the massive amount of drugs pouring into our country. He's either too stupid, too inept, too callous, or simply suffering from too much dementia to understand what's going on in America's cities.

When you multiply 100,000 Americans who died from a preventable cause, it turns your guts inside out. That's 100,000 parents who lost their kids to drugs. That's a total of 200,000 mothers and fathers crying, sobbing and suffering at their kids' funerals. That's another 100,000 people who lost a friend. The numbers are staggering as to the amount of misery our own President Biden and/or his handlers are importing into America.

When Carlson asked the mother if she felt that her testimony would do any good, she said, "What's changed since the 110,000 deaths in 2021?"

I know that my two Colorado U.S. Senators, Hickenlooper and Bennet, haven't, won't do anything to stop the drugs from killing our families. Why? Because they are pro-open borders. Same with Governor Jared Polis! Same with Mayor Hancock of Denver. All of them are useless, corrupt and meaningless as to carrying out their sworn duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution. They violate their oaths of office - and don't care.

One of Carlson's guests talked about solving the problems by moving the 70,000 homeless in LA, or 65,000 homeless in Chicago, or the 50,000 homeless in NYC, or the 10,000 homeless in Denver - into apartment buildings. Bring medical care and mental care. Move them into jobs.

But what does Biden and/or his handlers do? He gave Ukraine $110,000,000,000.00 to fight a war that is none of our business. That's painful because we already wasted $6 trillion in 20 years in Afghanistan and Iraq.

And, Jill Biden wants her husband to run for the presidency in 2024. The man is a walking cadaver. He cannot complete a sentence without a teleprompter. He says some really weird things to audiences when off the teleprompter - such as having a registered nurse "whisper in my ear."

We must be the laughingstock of the world every time Biden opens his mouth. He's sniffed little girls' hair for 50 years in front of the public, and now, he's telling us about a nurse, "whispering in my ear."

One U.S. Senator said, "It's time for us to enact the 25th Amendment."

The burning question for this journalist remains: what in the hell is going on in Washington DC? Why is everyone silent when the "Elephant in the Room" is a president with Alzheimer's Disease - but everyone stands by in silence? Bidden needs to take a "cognitive test" to determine if he even knows what day of the week it is or what year this is."

In reality, everyone is waiting for him to keel over dead, or suffer a heart attack or a stroke. But in the meantime, he's taking this country apart by not serving the American people. Historians will write that this is America's dumbest hour, and this president is the worst in American history because he was incapable of serving the American people.