Taxpayer Slaves Are Paying For Illegal Alien Border Jumpers

Thus far, the Biden regime invited 9.6 million illegal alien border jumpers into America in the past 37 months of his sickeningly corrupt administration. U.S. Border Patrol agents "guess" that another 1.8 million illegal aliens, known as "got-aways", slipped through the border without being detected.

When those illegals present themselves to the Border Patrol after wading across the Rio Grande River, Joe Biden directs those officers to give them a cell phone, plane ticket, gift card and free passage to any city they request in the lower 48. Once they land in a "Sanctuary City", they are given free food, free hotels, free transportation, free medical, and free schooling for their kids. None of it costs them a dime.

Or, they become homeless in the streets where they become part of our 500,000 homeless people in America. Those illegals face no vetting as to their names, ages, origins, marital status, terrorist intentions, pregnant or not, educational background, IQ, physical or mental disabilities, criminal background, rapist or not, junkie or not, literacy tests or ability to function in our first world country.

Did you notice the word, "free"?

Who do you think pays for that word, "free"? The answer: you pay! How much do you pay? You ain't going to like this information because it's into the trillions of American tax dollars. Your dollars out of your wallet. Out of your family's pocket into theirs!

Top radio host in Idaho, Zeb Bell interviews me every Monday at 10:00 a.m. He asked me to research the costs of legal and illegal immigration. We're going to talk about this column on Monday, February 5, 2024. The costs of this invasion are astronomical to you, the American taxpayer.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform discovered that American taxpayers fork out $163 billion annually for illegal immigration. That's not counting the costs for legal immigration. If you check on the costs of legal immigration, you would find that most of the Muslims in Detroit, Michigan, Lewiston, Maine, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Miami, Florida and many other big cities where legal immigrants congregate, YOU are paying for their long-term housing, food, transport, medical and schooling expenses. We're talking into the trillions of dollars. Why? Because our U.S. Congress imported hundreds of thousands, actually, millions of illiterate Somali and Syrian Muslims into America to make sure that this country isn't too "white."

If you address the 300,000 annual "anchor baby" costs, just figure what it costs you to pay for a baby birthed on American soil by an illegal alien mother or "Visa overstay" mother to become an "instant citizen or birthright citizen." You not only pay for the child's birth at anywhere from $5,000 up, you pay for that child's K through 12 education while the mother lives on welfare money - your money. Also, you pay for their "free" breakfasts and lunches, along with $2,000 a year for their ESL, English as a Second Language classes. Over the past 40 years of this practice, you have paid out trillions of dollars. Wonder why we suffer a $34 trillion national debt? Just ask your two U.S. senators.

Think about the $100 billion in shoplifting annually. Who pays the default on that kind of thievery? You do! Your groceries cost more and your mercantile goods cost more. Everything you buy costs more.

What about all the drugs like Fentanyl, heroin, meth, and SO many more sickening drugs killing 100,000 of our youth, annually? Who pays the hospital bills? Who pays the funeral services? Who pays for your pain of a dead child? The costs run into the billions over the years. But in the end, you pay!

What about our schools that have been overrun by illegal alien children? How about those multiple languages that cause chaos in your kids' classrooms? What happens when the teacher must teach to the lowest common denominator in the class? Who pays for your children's failing educational path? Who pays for the dumbing-down of the class materials? Of course, you pay.

In the end, our society pays because we are advancing millions upon millions of students who are functionally illiterate. That means they cannot read, write or perform simple math problems.

What happens when those functionally illiterate students reach the work force? Have you heard of "affirmative action" or "Diversity, Inclusion and Equity"? In other words, those students who screwed off, didn't finish their homework, and totally failed to learn any level of reading, science, math, history or computer skills - take jobs they cannot perform. Who pays? You pay. You pay in shoddy products, horrible service, and sub-standard finished commodities.

What happens when those students turn to crime instead of jobs? Who pays for their prison food, room, medical care and TV time? This may come as no surprise: you pay! We're talking billions upon billions of dollars.

Let's imagine that the physically and mentally invalid Joe Biden sees another four years in the White House. How much do you think it's going to cost you? How many millions more of illegal alien border jumpers will he invite into the United States? How much more of your tax dollars will keep you a "wage slave" paying for this - the greatest invasion of a single country in the history of the world?

Did you see the illegal aliens kicking the heads of policemen in New York City this week? If given a chance, they would have killed those two cops. Did you notice Biden allowed three of our finest Army soldiers to die in the Middle East because Biden really isn't in control of anything? Do you realize they paid with their lives while Joe Biden stumbles, mumbles and staggers away from the podium in his next forgettable speech? Who wins? Alzheimer's Disease! Who loses, American citizens!

Do you have any idea of how much more of a "wage slave" you're going to become as you pay, and pay and pay for what Joe Biden is doing to our country? Do you feel sickened as to what's happening to our country under Joe Biden and his handlers?

Who in his or her right mind thinks Joe Biden is capable of another four years in the White House? I ask you, the 33 percent who approve of Joe Biden's actions, what are you using for a brain?


The United States is Facing a New and Imminent Danger, letter from former national security officials, 17 January 2024.

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