Great Replacement: 1,000 Gotaways Per Day; Terror Suspects Keep Coming

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A.W. Morgan
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28 October 2023
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National News
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The Border Patrol isn’t just processing record numbers of illegals for release colonization of towns and cities, as data from September and fiscal year 2023 show. The Border Patrol is so occupied with that job, instead of securing the border, that it can’t stop so-called gotaways, a number of whom are obviously terrorists and hardened criminals...

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources confirmed to Fox News that there have been more than 23,000 ”known gotaways” since the new fiscal year began on Oct. 1.

That means more than 1,000 individuals were seen or detected by Border Patrol agents but not apprehended per day this month...

Border Patrol clocking 1,000 ‘known gotaways’ per day, over 23K people in October, CBP sources say, by Danielle Wallace and Griff Jenkins, Fox News, October 23, 2023

Unsurprisingly, the report observes that apprehensions on the FBI’s terror watch list, 18 in September alone, were also a record high...


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