America Colonized by the World's Refugees

Once Europeans discovered North America, they began to colonize this continent to the point where it subverted 522 Native American tribes. After defeating all those tribes, the American government placed Indians on reservations where they remain today. Very few Native Americans mix with American society.

From the late 1800's, the white man completely controlled North America.

But in 2023, America faces a new "colonization" by different tribes from around the world. They crash America's borders by the millions. They arrive with incompatible / terrorist religions that expect to dominate America. Who are they? Muslims of the Islamic religion. It is a political-religious system of conquest. They makes no bones about it.

Islam isn't in America to be equal to any faith, but to become dominant. The Qur'an should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth.
- Omar Ahmed, director of Council on American Islamic Relations.

This past week, the C.A.I.R. director praised Hamas and supports the genocide of Israeli Jews - in fact, all Jews. He's got 8 million American Muslims to back him up.

The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God. The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute; the victorious may be appeased by a false and delusive promise of peace; and the faithful follower of the prophet, may submit to the imperious necessities of defeat: but the command to propagate the Moslem creed by the sword is always obligatory, when it can be made effective. The commands of the prophet may be performed alike, by fraud, or by force.
- John Quincy Adams: written in 1829

If that doesn't send a shiver up your spine, what will? Muslims have completely invaded Europe. They've changed everything in Europe. From civil society in European countries, no one can escape the violence of Muslims whether it's outright terrorist attacks, or Muslims decapitating people on the streets of Paris or London in single acts of terror. Thousands of cases of such terror attacks are recorded by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch.

Today, we've got between 4 and 8 million Muslims in America. We've got terrorist cells growing with Biden's open borders for the past 35 months. They arrive with no intention whatsoever of becoming American citizens who are loyal to the U.S. Constitution. They remain loyal to the Qur'an and Sharia Law. That "law" stands in direct opposition to our Constitution. They plan to install Sharia Law as their numbers grow.

As a matter of fact, one look at 300,000 Muslims in Detroit, Michigan will show you that de facto Sharia Law is already being practiced with honor killings, female genital mutilation and women are valued at ½ that of a male Muslim. You can take them out of the desert, but you cannot civilize them as shown by all the great men of history such as Churchill, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and dozens of other thinkers. They said that Islam is the worst retrograde religion on this planet.

What other kind of colonization? Right now, reports by Clayton Morris show that a caravan grows with 4,000,000 people in lower Mexico. They expect to arrive at our southern border by mid-January 2024. He made a 15-minute video: America is about to change forever by mid-January 2024.

After watching that video, you need to start sharing it with your networks. You need to write your two senators and House member. You need to take any kind of action to make this issue the number one issue of the presidential race. We're talking about the end of our country as we know it. This massive invasion will fracture and fragment us into caliphates, tribes, racial conflict, religious conflict and ultimately, break us into pieces.

Biden has already imported 8,000,000 illegal aliens from over 100 countries. He's giving them cell phones, credit cards and tickets to fly or bus to any city they demand. They come from Russia, China, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Somalia, Kurdistan, Yemen, India, and another 90 countries. They are costing us $163,000,000,000 annually to sustain them. That's all those Muslims in Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Denver and beyond. They live on welfare payments. Once an illegal alien woman drops her anchor baby on American soil, she is paid $2,200 monthly to care for that baby. Those refugees receive SSI payments, WIC, ADC and Section 8 Housing.

Is that not "colonization" of our country?

So, the questions become: When does it end? Can we take on another 10 million or 20 million or 50 million refugees? The reason I ask these questions stems from the fact that those refugees come for an overload of 83,000,000 new babies born annually, net gain, on this planet. In other words, there is no end to the line. So, can we save all of them? How long before we become like Europe? What happens when our systems collapse from the sheer numbers? What are we going to do when our society breaks down into chaos? What happens when the Muslim terrorists start their internal war against us? Do you not understand that total chaos will visit us at some point?

Final questions: how stupid and senile is this president and how stupid is the U.S. Congress and how stupid are the American people to sit by and watch their nation devolve into a third world country?


1. The great replacement is by design. Our presidential puppet and Congress are simply obeying the mandates of globalist ruling elites in opening America's borders.


2. It should be noted that the vast majority of illegal aliens evading capture and sneaking into America are not refugees. Rather, they are economic migrants coming to America for economic gain - and for free taxpayer-paid handouts. True refugees are required to be sheltered in the nearest neighboring country, not in distant America.

Many of those entering into America are political migrants, such as military-age Chinese nationals, and Islimists practicing hijra - that is, Jihad via immigration.


3. The concept of colonization is not new. In 1992, Eugene McCarthy warned that America was being colonized in his book: A Colony of the World: The United States Today America's Senior Statesman Warns His Countrymen. From the book's description:

Eugene McCarthy asserts that classical, historical colonialism is marked by distinctive political, military, economic, demographic and cultural characteristics. Politically and militarily, a colony is usually dependent to some degree upon the directions of its controlling country. Economically and culturally, colonial status is evident in loss of control over borders, religion and language.

Major investment in a colony is from outside, with control held by the investing powers. A colony is usually a supplier of raw materials and a purchaser of manufactured goods. Its economy and financial institutions operate within the monetary system of the mother country, controlling nations or institutions.

In A Colony of the World, Eugene McCarthy asserts that the United States is now in a colonial, or neocolonial, relationship to a combination of outside and inside forces which impose a colonial status on the country.

This article contains an in-depth discussion of McCarthy's premise: Eugene McCarthy and Colonialism Revisited, The Social Contract, Spring 1993.

Can you imagine what McCarthy would say if he were living in America today?

For the West to Live, Immigration(ism) Must Die, by Selwyn Duke, American Thinker, 5 December 2023

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