The Great Replacement: 'The French are Being Expropriated from Their Country' (Video)

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Eric Zemmour on the Great Replacement
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Michael Williams
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RAIR Foundation
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8 September 2021
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National News
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Population replacement isn’t just taking place in France but can be seen throughout the Western world.

Author, polemicist, anti-liberal philosopher, and potential 2022 presidential candidate Eric Zemmour is once again sounding the alarm over the unprecedented demographic shift taking place in France. He is even going so far as to say that French people are being ‘expropriated’ from their country.

In a recent television segment on the French news channel CNews, Zemmour... examined the features of France’s ‘Great Replacement,’ drawing on a recent study which delved into the rapidly changing socio-demographic composition of French cities....

The study “shows that areas with Maghrebian and African immigration, where there was a significant migration since the 60s and 70s, have become uniformly or will become uniformly Maghrebian and African, with the large Islamic majority,” Zemmour began, noting that the department of Seine-Sant-Denis – home to 1.6 million people – has 55 percent of children being born to foreign, non-European parents, which in most cases are Muslim....

“If we are at 75 percent, you see, it means this is the very definition of the Great Replacement.”...“That is what you call a replacement. A population is eradicated from the civilization and replaced by another civilization,” he said....

In the United States, which tracks demographic data related to ethnicity, mass immigration combined with falling birth rates and increased death rates in the European-American population have resulted in a drastic shift in the country’s demographic composition. In 1960, those who regarded themselves as European-Americans made up nearly 90 percent of the population. Now, they comprise under 60 percent of the United States’ total population, having fallen by 8.6 percent in the last ten years alone.


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