Islam's War on Israel

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22 November 2023
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National News
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7 Reasons Why the Hostage Deal is a Mistake - Israel had a clear moral case for taking out Hamas, by Daniel Greenfield, Front Page Magazine, 22 November 2023:

1. After Oct 7, the new rule was that Hamas would no longer be treated like a normal entity, but like an abominable evil that had to be destroyed...
2. Hamas has been losing...
5. Negotiating for hostages leads to the taking of hostages. Period...
7. ... This will have terrible implications for American support for Israel’s war effort...

Hostage deal? by New Neo, 22 November 2023:

There are several problems with a deal, of course. One is that any prisoner exchange can endanger Israel further by letting go some dangerous people and by making future hostages more valuable to take. Another is that any ceasefire is counterproductive to the offensive. Still another is the fact that Hamas apparently does not hold all the hostages – other groups and even individuals may have some...

300 Convicted Terrorists To Be Released from Israeli Jails In Exchange for 50 Hostages and Ceasefire in Pending Deal - This is beyond irrational, it’s catastrophic. Israel should not stop. Just fight. Geller Report, 21 November 2023.

Hamas has unleashed the West’s monsters, Unherd, 10 November 2023.

When Has War Even Been ‘Proportional?’ by Victor Davis Hanson, 18 November 2023.

The West MUST Wake Up, by Victor Davis Hanson, 10 November 2023:


Video: Douglas Murray at the Israel-Gaza Border, Interview with Piers Morgan, 10 November 2023. Watch the last half starting at 6 minutes:

On a visit to Israel, I have seen the horror that the world must never forget, by Douglas Murray, New York Post, 12 November 2023.

Centuries of Wahhabi Jihad, by Seth Grossman, American Thinker, 12 November 2023.

Carving Turkey Away from NATO - China and Russia may be using Iran and Hamas for a sinister grand design, by Julie Hartman, American Mind, 12 November 2023.

The Mindset of Our Anti-Semites - Why does the world apply a special standard of conduct to Israel? by Victor Davis Hanson, 6 November 2023. Hanson effectively counters the shouting points of anti-Israel protestors.

The Long Red Shadow Behind Islamic Terrorism - Decades of communist subversion by China underlie the terror currently witnessed in the Middle East, Epoch Times, 2 November 2023:

"The spider in the web is Iran - had it not been for Iran, then Hamas wouldn't exist," Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, spokesperson for Israel Defense Forces, told The Epoch Times' sister media outlet NTD.

However, China analysts, including a longtime insider from the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) elite ranks, say that an overemphasis on Iran misses the point.

"China is the ultimate enabler of the Iranian terrorist-sponsoring regime," Mr. Yu said. "Indirectly, China is responsible for this crisis."...

At the United Nations, China has a record of consistently amplifying the Palestinian cause...

Why does the left rip down the posters of the Israeli hostages taken by Hamas? by NewNeo, 2 November 2023.

One Sick War - The best way of understanding it is that Israelis are Jews and the ancient plague of anti-Semitism is again sweeping the globe, by Victor Davis Hanson, 2 November 2023.

A Therapeutic Middle East Versus A Tragic One, by Victor Davis Hanson, 30 October 2023:

... they [Israel] are the ones who were attacked and who now must make reluctantly clear to the attackers that they did not ask for and do not particularly enjoy the messy work of destroying them.

So we are back to square one: only speaking seldom and quietly, with the readiness to use force when necessary, achieves deterrence - and with deterrence at last comes peace.

The tragedy is that realist deterrence is moral, while naïve appeasement is immoral. Yet the former is unpopular and falsely dubbed cruel as it saves lives, while the latter is praised as humane as it dooms them.

"400 Body Parts", Geller Report, 27 October 2023.

A War Against the Jews, by Michael Oren, 26 October 2023.

How the Left Sees the World: Power, Race, and Class - 5 minute video, PragerU, 7 December 2020.

Israel vs. a Death Cult, by Victor Davis Hanson, Geller Report, October 24, 2023.

UN Secretary General Defends Hamas Atrocities, Endorses Genocide, Blames Israel, Geller Report, October 24, 2023.

Action Alert: Tell your Senators: No $6 Billion Windfall to Replenish Iran's Hamas-Terror Fund, Geller Report, 19 October 2023.

Bari Weiss On Israel/Palestine, 18 October 2023:


Jordan and Egypt Cancel Summit With Joe Biden, The Last Refuge, 18 October 2023:

Today, Caroline Glick affirms my perspective and also gives some troubling information about: (a) the White House demanding an invitation; and (b) Anthony Blinken threatening Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu to hold back the ground invasion or the U.S. will not allow munitions and bombs Israel needs for resupply:

The Real (and Awful) Reason Biden is Coming to Israel, by Caroline Glick: Biden is acting as a human shield to protect Hamas. The first ten minutes is worth watching:

As Biden turns against Israel, Netanyahu must stand strong, by Caroline Glick, 16 October 2023:

On Sunday... Joe Biden, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan all announced that the United States expects Israel to permit "humanitarian aid" into Gaza.

The implications of this position are devastating for Israel. According to reports, there are "hundreds of trucks" lined up on the border in Egypt to enter the Gaza Strip carrying so-called "humanitarian aid." These trucks, if permitted to enter, will not be inspected in any significant way. There is no reason to believe they are carrying baby formula and foodstuffs that will be delivered to the needy. There is every reason to believe they are carrying war materiel and jihadist fighters who have arrived to augment Hamas...

Hamas is Gaza. All the "ministries" in Gaza are Hamas. All hospitals are Hamas. Hamas's military headquarters is located under Shifa Hospital.

So whatever and whoever is in the trucks carrying "humanitarian aid," all of it will be delivered to Hamas and will be distributed to benefit Hamas.

The idea that it could be otherwise is absurd. And the fact that the Biden administration is arguing this absurdity is an outrage...

Similarly, the United States is providing material support for Hamas's propaganda campaign blaming Israel for the carnage of which Hamas is the sole author - in Israel and Gaza alike.

The United States is also acting in breach of binding international law...

Evidence: Palestinian Terrorists, not Israel, Hit Hospital in Gaza, Breitbart. Corporate Media Are Waging An Information War Regurgitating Hamas Propaganda, The Federalist. Israeli Surveillance Drone Video of the Fully Intact and Undamaged Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza after Rocket Hits Parking Lot - Not the Hospital, Gateway Pundit. 18 October 2023.


Gaza will change the future of war - The Malmgren Ratio has been inverted, by Harald Malmgren and Pippa Malmgren, UnHerd, 18 October 2023.

Barry's Fingerprints Are All Over This, The Last Refuge, 18 October 2023.

EU to Triple Financial Aid to Gaza Despite Concerns of Funding Hamas, Breitbart, 17 October 2023.




Hamas And Amoral Clarity, by Victor Davis Hanson, 13 October 2023:

The Biden administration has blood on its hands.

As soon as Biden took power, he resumed massive subsidies to radical Palestinians, canceled by the prior Trump administration....

His administration dropped sanctions against Iran, ensuring that Tehran would enjoy a multi-billion-dollar windfall to be distributed to Israel's existential enemies-another fact well known to the Biden administration...

Biden and company quickly restarted the defunct Iran appeasement deal - a leftover from the anti-Israeli Obama administration...

The Biden team has drained strategic arms stockpiles in Israel, designed to help the Jewish state in extremis....

It is past time that Americans deal with the medieval world that was revealed this week rather than keep dreaming in the fantasy world of our government.

Americans need to stop illegal immigration and restore their southern border, while ceasing all immigration from unhinged, hostile nations...

Day of Jihad: Death Marches and Genocidal Protests Erupt Across the World, Geller Report, 13 October 2023.

Will Israel Do What it Takes to Secure Peace? Moral reflections on Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden - and Gaza, by Jason D. Hill, FrontPage Magazine, 11 October 2023.

Why were Israelis so defenseless against Hamas terrorists going house-to-house killing and raping?, Leo Hohmann, 11 October 2023.

What Hamas Attack Tells Us: Jihadi Islam Is Worse Than Nazism; It Must Be Dealt With The Same Way, Swarajya, 9 October 2023:

Islam is not just a religion. It is a politico-militarist ideology where religion is merely the glue to enable the aggregation and grabbing of unlimited power.

We know this from our own history, where Islam was used to vivisect India in 1947. Islam was used to drive out the Hindus from Kashmir Valley. Islam has been used to ethnically cleanse Hindus in both Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Understanding Hamas Atrocities - and Hamas' Glee in Sharing Videos of Those Atrocities, by Danusha V. Goska, FrontPage Magazine, 13 October 2023.

Israeli Morgue: 'Evidence of mass rape of so brutal that they broke their victims' pelvis – women, grandmothers, children.' 'People whose heads have been cut off. Faces blasted off. Heads smashed and their brains spilling out. A baby was cut out of a pregnant woman and beheaded and then the mother was beheaded', Geller Report, 20 October 2023.

What the mainstream media won't show you: photographic & video evidence of massacres against innocent Israeli civilians by Hamas terrorists, Bare Naked Islam, 19 October 2023.

The Biden Regime Should Admit the Real Causes of the Jihad Against Israel - Twenty-two years after 9/11, the jihadis' best friends are in the White House, by Robert Spencer, Front Page Magazine, 9 October 2023:

A hadith says: "Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews." (Sahih Muslim 6985) Read the beginning of the words attributed to Muhammad again: "The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight the Jews and the Muslims would kill them."

So this is not a hadith about the "last day." It is a hadith about the conditions under which the "last day" will come about, and how Muslims can bring about the "last day": by killing Jews. The true believers of Hamas are busy doing it now.

Don't believe the lies: Hamas massacre was only possible because Gaza is not occupied, Israel National News, 9 October 2023.

Reflections on Israel's New Existential War, by Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness, 9 October 2023.

Netanyahu declares war after Lebanese terror group Hezbollah joins Hamas in attacks on Israel, Human Events, 8 October 2023.

Is the Hamas Attack Just the Tip of the Spear? by Terry Paulson, Townhall, 8 October 2023.

Inevitable: U.S. Weapons from Afghanistan Ended up with Palestinian Groups Operating in the Gaza Strip, Breitbart, 8 October 2023.

Israel must destroy the jihadist terrorists once for all, by Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, American Thinker, 8 October 2023:

Iran provides funding and weapons to Hamas, as well as the Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah terrorist organizations. The leaders of the regime openly declare their intention to annihilate the Jewish state and their opposition to the signing of peace agreements by any country in the Arab and Islamic worlds with Israel...

...former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and Republican presidential primary candidate Nikki Haley said, "This should be personal for every woman and man in America, why? Because when they did this surprise attack, when they took these hostages when they murdered these families, they were celebrating, and what were they celebrating? They were saying death to Israel, death to America. This is not just an attack on Israel, this is an attack on America because they hate us just as much."...

This time, Iran's mullah regime attempted this gruesome terrorist attack on Israel as they felt fat and secure knowing they had a friend in Washington. Joe Biden's decision to unfreeze $6 billion in Iranian assets as part of a prisoner exchange should come under intense scrutiny as this huge cash flow has significantly strengthened Iranian regime's terrorist capabilities...


The damage inflicted by Hamas on innocents is not the least bit collateral. New Neo, 8 October 2023:

It is the purposeful targeting of the most vulnerable and innocent, the purposeful subjection of those human beings to atrocities and humiliation, the purposeful recording of the actions, the purposeful dissemination of those videos on the internet, and the purposeful demonstration of the jubilation of the Palestinian crowds at the barbarism...

The consensus of opinion right now is that Hamas has miscalculated and that their obvious brutality has alienated even some of their previous friends, especially in the West, and that will justify whatever retaliation Israel chooses... The Palestinians have long relied on the fact that the Israelis are not barbaric... with the Western world pressuring the Israelis to hold back.


A Very Somber Assessment by Caroline Glick From Israel, The Last Refuge, 8 October 2023:

In very somber tones, Caroline Glick deconstructs the pretending model and cuts to the heart of the issue. Regardless of diplomatic costs, the strategic killing of every element of Hamas must begin immediately, with extreme prejudice and without regard for collateral damage.


Victor Davis Hanson Discusses Elevated Picture of Hamas Attack Against Israel, The Last Refuge, 7 October 2023:

... in a larger sense the Biden administration has contributed both to the notion that Hamas was a legitimate Middle East player, and to the perception that the U.S. was backing away from its traditional support for Israel-to the delight of Hamas...

The Biden administration had recently released some $6 billion to Iran through a prison swap deal that saw South Korea hand over embargoed Iranian money to Qatar..

Note as well that the Biden administration has siphoned off key weapons and munitions from stockpiles inside Israel to transfer them to Ukraine...

Israel Must Eradicate Hamas And Accept Nothing Less Than Unconditional Surrender, by John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist, 7 October 2023:

Israel, on the 50th anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur War, is once again in a fight for its existence, and the gloves will come off...

For its part, the U.S. should make clear that it will veto any U.N. ceasefire resolution before Israel declares victory. And an actual victory will require Israel seizing control of all Gaza's territory and then going house to house, seizing every weapon and killing everyone who doesn't surrender...

Israel: Muslim Savages Roam Israeli Streets Slaughtering Any Elderly, Children, Women, and Men They See, Geller Report, 7 October 2023.

Iran-Backed Hezb'Allah (Party of Allah) Attacks Israel in the North, Geller Report, 7 October 2023.

Israeli Muslims Riot in Northern Israel, Attack Israeli Civilians, Infrastructure, Set Fires, Geller Report, 7 October 2023.


Another perspective

Israel’s Final Solution, by Chris Hedges, 7 November 2023.

This Is Exactly What It Looks Like, by Caitlin Johnstone, Lew Rockwell, 12 October 2023.

Here's the most provocative take you'll read on the war in Israel, Revolver, 10 October 2023.

It's Not About the Palestinians, by Spencer J. Quinn, Counter-Currents, 9 October 2023.

Where Should Immigration Patriots Be On The Current Palestinian-Israel War? by Federale, 8 October 2023.

On Palestine: Victor Davis Hanson, Jordan Peterson and Bobby Kennedy Jr. - Profiles in Cowardice - Populist "heroes" exhibit contempt for the Palestinian people, by Michael Hoffman, Unz Review, October 8, 2023.


Learn more about political Islam, creeping sharia and Islamic conquest

Islamic Jew Hatred - The Qur'an on the Jews, Geller Report:

The hour will not be established until you fight the Jews, and the stone and the tree behind which a Jew will be hiding will say: "O Muslim! O Servant of Allah, there is a Jew hiding behind me, so come and kill him."...

The Jews "strive to do mischief on earth" - that is, fasaad, for which the punishment is specified in 533: "they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet on alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land."...

Civilization's Battle Against Islamic Savages: A Global Pespective, by Daniel Greenfield, RAIR Foundation, 15 October 2023.

Israel's Right to Exist: UN anti-Israel agenda

Give War a Chance, by Edward N. Luttwak, Foreign Affairs, July/Aug 1999.

I'll tell you what war is about. You have to kill people, and when you've killed enough, they stop fighting.
- General Curtis LeMay, post World War II, from Richard Rhodes, "The Making of the Atomic Bomb", page 586