The Denver Post blunders over Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform

Article date: 
1 February 2021
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Colorado News
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Great news! The hateful SPLC hate group still hates us, and yes, the Denver Post is on board the SPLC hate bandwagon. What else could you expect from this open borders rag?

Naturally, the Denver Post didn't even read About Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform or CAIRCO's introductory statement before publishing it's disinformation:

Immigration is the overarching issue that determines every other issue. Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform ( is pro-legal immigrant and pro-legal immigration but at numbers consistent with cultural assimilation and sustainability. CAIRCO upholds America's Constitutional Republic and the sovereignty of our American nation.

The Denver Post published a blatantly false disinformation article: 17 hate groups operated in Colorado in 2020, Southern Poverty Law Center reports, February 1, 2021:

... In Colorado, the hate groups identified in the 2020 report range from white nationalist groups to organizations that denounce LGBTQ people and Muslims:

    Act for America, anti-Muslim, Walsenburg
    Asatru Folk Assembly, neo-Volkisch, statewide
    Atomwaffen Division, neo-Nazis, statewide
    Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, anti-immigrant, Lakewood
    Family Research Institute, anti-LGBTQ, Colorado Springs
    Folks Front/Folkish Resistance Movement, neo-Nazis, statewide
    Great Millstone, general hate, Denver
    International Conservative Community, white nationalist, statewide
    Israel United in Christ, general hate, Denver
    Nation of Islam, general hate, Denver
    National Socialist Order, neo-Nazi, statewide
    Northern Kingdom Prophets, general hate, Pueblo
    Patriot Front, white nationalist, statewide
    Proud Boys, general hate, statewide
    Scriptures for America Worldwide Ministries, Christian identity, Laporte
    Sea Jay Foundation, anti-Muslim, Highlands Ranch
    The Pray in Jesus Name Project, anti-LGBTQ, Colorado Springs
What's going on here? It sure looks like another ho-hum hit piece based on disinformation from the widely discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (or Southern Poverty Lie Center, as some fondly refer to them).
This really isn't anything new - it's the same old leftist rubish. Anyone who stands up for American workers and enforcing America's immigration laws is automatically deemed a racist, bigoted, hate group. What fun!
See: Oh no! The hateful SPLC hate group hates us!, CAIRCO, February 20, 2019.