Denver Sanctuary City hits 10,000 illegal aliens during 5-month stretch

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Colorado politics
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19 May 2023
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Colorado News
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Denver hit a new milestone Wednesday in the humanitarian crisis that now has seen more than 10,000 immigrants [illegal aliens] come to Denver over the past five months...

Hancock added, “However, Denver’s resources are not bottomless, and we continue to call on the federal government to send aid to cities across the country that are unfairly bearing the financial burden of this humanitarian crisis.”*...

Averaging 218 immigrants a day, the number coming to the Mile High City in the days leading up to Title 42 expiring with the end of the federal COVID-19 emergency declaration, was 10 times greater than in March and April, the analysis found.

Among the key findings:

• In days between May 4 to May 15, the immigrant [illegal alien invaders] surge will have brought the total response cost to an estimated $18.2 and $19.2 million.

• Denver could spend an additional $18 million to $23 million for the remainder of 2023, if 50 individuals come each day for the rest of the year....

As of last week, the city had spent roughly $16 million on the response...


* The Sanctuary City of Denver wants taxpayers from across America to pay them to house illegal aliens who snuck into America.

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