Despite Cybersecurity Risks And Last-Minute Changes, The 2020 Census Goes Online

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4 March 2020
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National News
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... Starting March 12, households across the country are expected to be able to participate in the once-a-decade national head count by going to to complete the online census questionnaire, which is set to be open to the public through July 31.

Under pressure to cut costs and keep up with these increasingly Internet-centric times, the Census Bureau is expecting, based on an earlier test run, about six out of 10 households that fill out a form on their own to do so online. For those who have limited Internet access or prefer to stay offline, the bureau is also collecting census responses over the phone and on paper forms, which are scheduled to arrive at some homes by mid-March and then in early April to every household that hasn't responded by then....
A nightmare scenario played out less than four years ago with Australia's census. After a series of outages caused by distributed denial-of-service attacks inundating the website for that country's first-ever "digital-first" census in 2016, the Australian Bureau of Statistics decided to shut down the online form for nearly two days....