Director Human Rights Watch Says US NOT Legally Obligated to Take a Single Refugee

Article author: 
Ann Corcoran
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Refugee Resettlement Watcy
Article date: 
10 September 2019
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National News
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As the White House wrestles with the US State Department over the refugee ceiling for the coming fiscal year (which btw begins in 21 short days!), I’m reminded of what Bill Frelick, Director of the Refugee Rights Program at Human Rights Watch told Newsweek in November of 2016.

In a story titled, ‘TRUMP ELECTION LEAVES REFUGEE ADVOCATES FEARFUL AND UNCERTAIN’ about how the Open Borders activists were feeling in the wake of Trump’s win, Frelick said this:

During his presidential campaign, Trump said he planned to suspend the Syrian refugee program, which is “fairly easy for him to do because this is discretionary,” says Bill Frelick, director of Human Rights Watch’s refugee program, who described himself as “shell-shocked” when he spoke with Newsweek on Wednesday. “In the U.S., there’s not a quota that has to be filled. The U.S. has a budgeted amount of money to do refugee resettlement, but there’s no requirement that the U.S. resettle a single refugee, and there’s no legal obligation to do it.”

I wrote about this here on November 10, 2016.