A Dozen Food Processing Plants Destroyed - add another to the list!

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Gateway Pundit
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23 April 2022
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National News
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...  something odd and concerning has been happening ever since the Biden Administration made their ominous prediction. Over the past month, there has been a mysterious wave of destruction hitting the US food processing infrastructure that has seen “over a dozen” food production facilities destroyed completely or rendered inoperable.

This week alone there were TWO – yes two – separate incidents where a plane crashed into food processing plants, one in Idaho on April 13th, and the other in Georgia on the 21st at the General Mills Processing Facility.

In addition to the plane crashes, there have been numerous other incidents this month, including several fires and a sudden boiler explosion. The timing of this string of disastrous events has many people wondering what in the heck is going on?...

On Thursday, Tucker Carlson raised the issue on his nightly show with guest Jason Rantz. According to the pair, whether this is simply a coincidence or not, there have been enough incidents grouped tightly together where it should, at the least, be looked into....



Destruction or total control of food supply well underway, Vlad Tepes Blog, 23 April 2022: Remember when at the start of Covid, multiple plants involved with the manufacture of Hydroxychloroquine and its precursor chemicals blew up or burned down?

Coincidentally, April was the month of Ramadan: A Time to Celebrate Murder, Bloodshed, and Slavery.

Firefighters Respond to Industrial Fire at Perdue Farms Facility, Gateway Pundit, 2 May 2022.