Ramadan: A Time to Celebrate Murder, Bloodshed, and Slavery

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The Islamic holy month has more to offer than fasting.
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Raymond Ibrahim
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FrontPage Mag
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29 April 2022
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National News
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During the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fast, pray, engage in acts of piety and charity, and reminisce over warfare and bloodshed in the name of Islam.

Virtually every Ramadan features various Islamic authorities, personages, and/or institutes reminding Muslims to take pride in and celebrate various historic battles between Muslims and non-Muslims, or “infidels” (as in this hour long televised special)....

... It further suggests that Islam is a worldly religion....

An article by the popular website AboutIslam.net makes all this clear. Titled, “7 Remarkable Islamic Victories That Took Place in Ramadan,” it opens by saying, “Ramadan is a special month that’s full of blessings for the Muslim Ummah. It is not only famous for fasting and charity, but also for great Islamic victories that changed the world.”....

The eighth century invasion and subsequent conquest of Spain, for instance, featured hordes of invading Muslims slaughtering countless thousands of Christians and torching their churches....

Same with the Crimea. Originally inhabited by Slavic peoples, Muslims—Turks and Tatars—brutally conquered it in the fifteenth century and turned it into an emporium of white flesh. An estimated three million Slavs—Poles, Lithuanians, Russians, and Ukrainians—were enslaved and, according to a contemporary chronicle, sold “like sheep” between 1450 and 1783.

This is what Muslims are supposed to remember and celebrate during their holy month—during their equivalent of a “Christmas” or “Easter” season: the unprovoked invasions and bloody subjugations their ancestors undertook in the name of Islam against people whose only “crime” was to be non-Muslims. (Little wonder that, so riled, Muslims not infrequently murderously assault infidels in their midst during Ramadan.)...


Ramadan falls in April in 2022. It occurs approximately 10 days earlier each year.

Death Toll During The Holy Month Of Ramadan 2022, Geller Report, 2 May 2022:

Total 2022:    3,015 dead    2,441 wounded
Total 2021:    3,724 dead    2,776 wounded
Total 2020:    3,620 dead    1,670 wounded

[see data by country in the original article]


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