Dramatic failures of US postal system undermine election integrity

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Democrats Found Their Scapegoat If Biden Loses – Postmaster General Louis DeJoy
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Issues and Insights
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11 August 2020
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National News
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... “Without dramatic change, there is no end in sight, and we face an impending liquidity crisis,” [Louis DeJoy, head of USPS] told the U.S. Postal Service’s governing board last week....

As we noted in this space recently, it’s Democrats and their allies who are right now suing states across the nation to expand mail-in voting....

Take a look at just a few headlines that appeared well before DeJoy took over.
    “‘Overwhelmed’ Postal Carrier Hoarded 17,000 Pieces of Mail, Officials Say”
    “A postal worker rented a storage unit to hide mail because he felt ‘pressured’ to deliver it”
    “Postal service struggles leave Bay Area residents searching for their mail”
    “3,000 Pieces of Undelivered Mail Found At DFW Postal Facility”
    “Post office searching for missing Christmas mail in Alexandria”
    “Former Fitchburg letter carrier, feeling stressed, fails to deliver 758 pieces”
    “More than 1,000 pieces of stolen mail found in late postal worker’s storage unit”
    ” Postal Service has no answer for 2018 disappearance of Neenah-Menasha mail”
    “St. Petersburg mail carrier found with 2,129 pieces of stolen mail”
    “60,000 ballots not delivered in Adams County; Duplicate ballots sent out in Weld County”
That’s to say nothing of the recent experience – before DeJoy took over – of problems with mail-in balloting. Just one example: The USPS inspector general investigation of the April 7 Wisconsin primary found that more than 3,500 absentee ballots never made it to voters, and hundreds had no postmarks....