Easier access sought for driver’s licenses

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Tancredo, other opponents see politics driving the issue
Article author: 
Peter Marcus
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Colorado Statesman
Article date: 
8 June 2012
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Our American Future
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Proponents of a ballot proposal that would offer Colorado driver’s licenses to all residents of the state whether they are a legal resident or an undocumented immigrant are busy gathering signatures despite cries that the initiative would legitimize illegal behavior.

The petition specifications for Initiative 52 have been approved by the secretary of state and proponents have until Aug. 6 to collect the 86,105 valid signatures needed to place the initiative on the November ballot. Proponents had only collected just over 6,500 signatures as of the May 22 public announcement of the initiative...

The proposal asks Colorado voters to make a statutory change to approve driver’s licenses for all, despite legal residential status...

Only two states, New Mexico and Washington, provide driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants. Utah offers Driving Privilege Cards, but they cannot be used for government-issued identification purposes...

Supporters point out that up until 1999, all residents of Colorado were able to obtain a driver’s license regardless of legal residency status. In 2006, Gov. Bill Owens signed a bill that created new rules for obtaining a driver’s license, including presenting secured forms of identification, such as an original birth certificate. I-52 proponents would like the state to go back to the system that was in place before 1999....