The Election Heist

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The threat is real, and it's coming. Big time.
Article author: 
Kenneth R. Timmerman
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Frontpage Mag
Article date: 
30 September 2020
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National News
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... I’ve been studying the Democrats’ game plan for the past eight years, since I was a Republican nominee for Congress in Maryland in 2012.

I saw first-hand many of the tactics that a former Democrat Party election operative recently revealed in a stunning insider’s account published by the New York Post....

     The Democrats plan to flood polling places in half a dozen swing states with millions of questionable ballots, then have armies of lawyers battle it out for weeks until voters have had enough and demand that states “call” the election.

I look at these tactics and much more in my new book, The Election Heist, which I wrote to prepare you for what could happen this November...

 I predicted that Democrat operatives would swamp the polls at closing time in key swing states with thousands of voters demanding to register and vote. This is a tactic now being championed by the George Soros-funded Brennan Center for Justice in New York City, which is spending millions to lobby states to allow voters to register and vote on election day, before their eligibility can be verified.

This same Soros-funded public policy group is also spending heavily to promote universal vote-by mail, while sister organizations have sent more than two million absentee ballot applications to “irregular voters” in Georgia who haven’t voted in recent elections. Many of them would otherwise be scrubbed from the rolls because they are deceased or have moved. But thanks to Soros money, they will vote....

In The Election Heist, I also look at more exotic means of tipping the election, by means of sophisticated electronic hacking that actually changes the results of votes cast....

... voter fraud exists. It exists. It is real. And it is coming, big time.


Book, The Election Heist.