Election integrity bills appear doomed to quick death in Democrat-controlled Senate

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Complete Colorado
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20 February 2021
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Colorado News
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Two Republican-sponsored election integrity bills are headed for what is known as the “kill committee” in the Democrat-controlled Colorado Senate, with one drawing the ire of Secretary of State Jena Griswold.
Senate Bill 21-010, the Colorado Ballot Signature Verification Act, sponsored by Sen. Rob Woodward, R-Loveland, and Senate Bill 21-007, Improve Public Confidence Election Validity, sponsored by Sen. Paul Lundeen, R-Monument, are scheduled to be heard before the State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.
Although State, Veterans and Military Affairs is likely where any bill making changes to how elections are handled would be heard anyway, the committee is also famous for being the Senate President’s committee of choice when he wants a bill to die....
SB-007 would require all voters to vote in person during the week leading up to election day and for all votes to be counted by the end of day on election day. Exceptions would be made for those who requested mail in ballots....