End Of The Overton Window: Main Stream Media And Their Pet Democrats Declaring Borders "Unthinkable"

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James Kirkpatrick
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25 June 2018
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Our American Future
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...  the “Overton Window” has been abolished. The “Overton Window” is a political theory that attempted to explain what ideas are tolerated in public discourse. Ideas move from the fringe (“unthinkable”) towards the center, when they become “policy.” But now, on immigration, the Left is convinced that everything is permissible.

An example of an “unthinkable” issue being gradually pushed into the mainstream: explicit support for Open Borders. ...
Yet on the ground, it’s actually existing policy that is “unthinkable” to both Republicans and Democrats. Few bother to claim that President Trump and the Department of Homeland Security are breaking the law. Instead, it is precisely because they are following the law that they are being so heavily criticized. 
Even fierce critics of President Trump concede it makes no sense to attack him for enforcing the laws that Congress has made. ...
David Frum, another Trump critic, points out that the president’s immigration opponents are moving to an extraordinarily radical Open Borders position:...
et Frum’s eloquent argument for liberal patriotism, while no doubt made in good faith, assumes too much. There is no “American community.” Leftists support mass immigration not out of a feeling of goodwill towards foreigners, but out of a desire to hurt and punish American citizens who are their political opponents....

Another reason the Overton Window has been rendered moot: the concept of “public discourse” presupposes the possibility of rational discussion. But this has been abandoned. ...

The game of the Legacy Media and its pet Democrats is one of bait and switch. Few admit that what they actually want is Open Borders. Instead, Democrats and reporters (but I repeat myself) claim the issue is about taking care of “the children,”...

Democrats have no incentive to “solve the problem,” as naïve Republicans repeatedly urge. As for transnational capitalists like those at The Economist, they have no attachment to this country at all, and no stake in its survival or success. ...

If President Trump either cannot or will not take strong action now, real border security will remain forever “unthinkable,” whatever the laws actually say.

More importantly, whatever the lines on a map, preserving this country will be similarly impossible.

And naïve Americans can’t say they weren’t warned.



The hysteria this time, Scott Johnson, Powerline, June 25, 2018:

I don’t think the role of the mainstream media as an adjunct of the Democratic Party has ever been more obvious than it has been this month with the nonstop hysteria over enforcement of immigration law at the border. Are we permitted to have a country anymore? Apparently not.

When it comes to this month’s model of Trump hysteria, Victor Davis Hanson sees a pattern: “A month from now there will be a new manufactured news story that Donald Trump is savage, represents an existential danger, or is unhinged. We will hear of another Trump official cornered and driven out from a liberal-owned Beltway or New York City restaurant. An unhinged Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) will rant some more about impeachment.” He predicts: “And then the current hysteria over the border detainments will be filed, and go the way of the s—hole countries’ frenzy or Melania’s jacket melodrama.”

I can only wonder what the attitudes of average Americans are to the continuing invasion and related gaming of our immigration law. The Democrats support it. President Trump opposes it. Which side are you on, boys? Which side are you on?

We are not to notice the obvious effects of our continuing difficulty enforcing the law and protecting our border. Heather Mac Donald gets at this home truth in “Who’s really to blame at the border?”...