Epidemic of 'Nightmarish' Church Vandalism Hits Italy

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Baby Jesus Beheaded, Impaled on Pole
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Pamela Geller
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Geller Report
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14 January 2020
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National News
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Unprecedented destruction of nativity scenes shocks locals.It shouldn’t – it’s what happens with Muslim migration.

“Of course, in Italy, the Muslim community is much smaller, so the problem is more modest, but the large number of attacks during the recent Christmas festivities in Italy is indeed disturbing,” he explained, “and inspired by the lack of integration suffered by most members of the Islamic community, just like in France.”

Epidemic of ‘Nightmarish’ Crib Vandalism Hits Italy, by Jules Gomes, ChurchMilitant.com, January 11, 2020:

Hundreds of Christmas cribs have been smashed, burned and vandalized across Italy in a binge of violence unparalleled in recent memory.

Statues of the Baby Jesus and the Holy Family have been beheaded, stolen or hanged — in one shocking incident even impaled on an iron pole in a public square....

Christian buildings are being vandalized, desecrated and burned at an average rate of three per day, according to government statistics.

In Germany, attacks against Christian churches are occurring at an average rate of two per day, according to police records.

The attacks overwhelmingly involve Roman Catholic sites and symbols, although in Germany, Protestant churches are also being targeted, a report from the Gatestone Institute said.


Germany’s Year Of Jihad - 2019 is the new norm for Islamic terror in Germany, by Stephen Brown, Frontpage Mag, January 13, 2020:

Last year, like preceding years, was a busy year for Islamic terrorists in Germany....

Besides all these Islamic terrorist incidents in 2019, police also had to deal with 116 former members of the Islamic State returning from Syria. Returning IS members have been involved in terrorist plots in other European countries such as France. These Germans also have to be investigated for crimes they may have committed as IS members....

Learn more about creeping sharia and Islamic conquest

Jihad vs Crusades, by Bill Warner, PhD:



Is anyone in Canada going to say something about radical Islam?, by Daniel Bordman, News Telegraph, Canada, December 31, 2019:

Radical Islam is a growing problem in Canada and across the world that will require a healthy amount of political courage to tackle effectively.

Now, expecting any amount of courage from politicians or media elites tends to be a fool’s errand on even the simplest of issues, so no one should be surprised about the radio silence from the political or media elites when it comes to radical Islam. But just how bad is it?

Before we move on it is important to define what we are talking about when we say “radical Islam”. There are two categories, first would be the Jihadists or Islamic terrorists like ISIS or Boko Haram. These are openly violent groups that will use any means necessary to institute their radical worldview of an Islamically dominated Sharia-state on the world.

The second type would be the Islamist (Islamism) some time called Political Islam. This would be people want to institute a Sharia-state on non-Islamic parts of the world, but usually do not endorse violence, but instead prefer to infiltrate and use the institutions of a country against itself. Examples of Islamist groups would be the Muslim Brotherhood and Jamaat e Islami.

Here is an excerpt from a 1991 internal memorandum from the Muslim brotherhood about their goals for North America: “The Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood) must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”...

The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada operates out of “front groups” or “proxy organizations. According to the testimony of Dr. Lorenzo Vidino, an expert on Islamism in North America and Europe, in the Canadian senate there are currently 8-10 major Muslim brotherhood front groups operating here in Canada....

Siraj Wahhaj himself is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, and has preached publicly that Muslim’s should not go into politics to serve the interest of the American public, but to further the goals of Islam.

So here we have the largest Islamic conference in North America inviting a man who was involved in a plot to blow up the World Trade center and believes Muslims should try and Islamize the societies they live in. ...

Could you imagine if we lived in a country were just one major politician or media outlet had an ounce of courage?... e have reached a point where the key to defeating Radical Islam in Canada may simply be for someone to just say something. Unfortunately, that day does not appear to be coming any time soon.