Eric Zemmour Warns: Qur'an Orders Muslims to Conquer Territories, to Islamize Populations and Entire World (Video)

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RAIR Foundation
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24 October 2023
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National News
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French political commentator and former presidential candidate, Eric Zemmour, has stirred controversy with his perspective on recent events in France. In a recent statement, Zemmour argued that the spate of violent incidents in the country, including attacks on police, teachers, and the infamous Charlie Hebdo massacre, should not be classified as acts of terrorism but, rather, as manifestations of jihadism.

Zemmour’s statement comes at a time when France, like many other European nations, is contending with the pressing issue of extremism and violence associated with Islam...

Zemmour’s argument centers on the belief that these acts are part of a broader effort to expand the influence of Islam and convert non-believers into subjects of Allah. He emphasized a binary framework in Islamic ideology that distinguishes between the “Dar al-Islam” (the world of Islam) and the “Dar al-Harb” (the world of war). According to his interpretation, peace, or “Dar al-Salam,” is only achieved through submission to Islam and Allah...


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