Germany: Angela Merkel Plots to Overthrow Her People

Article author: 
Ilana Mercer
Article publisher: 
The Unz Review
Article date: 
13 November 2015
Article category: 
National News
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Angela Merkel, elected for life, or for what seems like an eternity, squints at ordinary Germans from behind the parapets of her usurped authority. The German chancellor has signaled her express intention to foist a new identity on the German people, whether they like it or not, and without the broad consent of her citizens (or subjects). This Merkel has done by absorbing “an unprecedented influx of immigrants who will fundamentally change the country.”
The quest to engineer a single European identity is at the heart of the European refugee crisis. (That, and the foreign policy of George W Bush, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton, who elected to pulverize Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and thus destabilized the region.) “It remains unmistakably true,” wrote British patriot and classical liberal philosopher David Conway, that “from its postwar beginnings to the present, the principal advocates and architects of European union have been uniformly animated by collectivist objectives that are deeply anti-liberal in spirit and form.”
Indeed, her tyrannical power to overthrow the German people and import another in their place, Merkel derives from the EU Constitution...
This illiberal impetus has allowed the like-minded Merkel, operating with legal imprimatur from Brussels, to assume the authority once reserved to the sovereign people of Germany. Were it not for the rigid controls the EU exerts over its satellite states—each European member country would be free to respond to the (mostly) Muslim influx in a manner consistent with the wishes of their citizens, and not those of the Bismarckian Bureaucracy, with which Merkel identifies, and its many crooked beneficiaries...
It’s a little late in the game, but the shell-shocked German giant is awakening from its oppressive conformity. German activists have pursued charges of treason against Chancellor Merkel. The “citizen’s initiative” entails writing letters with legal standing to the chancellor and her prosecutors, accusing this cabal of “using mass migration to change the German Republic.” The “petitioners claimed the right under Article 20 of the German Constitution ‘to resist any person seeking to abolish this constitutional order, if no other remedy is available’ in order to ‘safeguard our identity.’”...
Moreover, when a government orchestrates the unfettered movement of people into a state in which the native population’s rights to property, free association and self-defense are already heavily circumscribed by the same authority—that government is guilty of unadulterated social engineering, and worse.
Judging from her treacherous conduct, Merkel’s fellow-feelings reside exclusively with the refugees she intends to import by the millions...


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