Europeans Will Succumb To Islam - Former Top German Spy Issues New Warning

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Gulf Insider
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20 January 2024
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National News
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Germany's former top domestic spy chief, Hans-Georg Maaßen, said in a new interview that Europe is facing an unprecedented crisis due to mass immigration, that Islam is well poised to conquer Europe, and that Germany and Austria could do much to stop the crisis but are choosing not to.

"A completely different culture is approaching us. We are not at all prepared for this, as we're incapable of resolving conflicts even by means of violence, like family clans do from the Arab states. These people resolve conflicts by violence, whereas people in Central Europe think that this can only be done through the courts," said Maaßen...

"The Europeans will succumb to Islam. On the one hand, because they are unable to even see this conflict coming, and on the other, because they are incapable of resolving conflicts in a similar fashion," he said, stating that "the end result will be the gradual destruction of our European cultures."

Maaßen described Europeans as living without a vision or mission, whereas other competing cultures have a clear idea of what they are and what their objectives are...

Population replacement by design

Maaßen said that European politicians are actively allowing mass immigration because, according to him, "our politicians want a different population. The political left follows the course of the anti-German ideology..."...

Muslim majority by 2200?

... Pew Research has already noted that Europe’s Muslim population may triple by 2050 to 76 million in a comprehensive report. However, over a longer timeframe, PSU Research Review predicts a Muslim majority by 2200, while in certain EU countries, such as Greece, Ireland, France, Belgium, and Britain, more than three quarters of the population will be Muslim.


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