Europe's politically correct 'selective compassion' losing steam

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The United States is about 10 years behind Europe
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Sam Gerrans
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31 January 2016
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Our American Future
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Prior to the mass invasion of Europe, liberals controlled debate by means of crude stop-words (bigot, racist, etc.) or accusations of a lack of compassion (with themselves as the arbiters of compassion, naturally). But there is a sea change occurring.

Europeans – terrified though they are of being thought anything but good, kind and orthodox, no matter their private opinion – are now afraid of something else. They can see that the liberal doctrine of obeisance before each and every outsider in which they have been schooled – if left unchecked – is going to leave them interlopers in the lands their fathers died defending.

That which men capable of independent thought understood intellectually decades ago, men less so well endowed, finally, understand viscerally.

They have woken up and smelled the agenda: the ship has an iceberg embedded in the hull; and it was Political Correctness – or Cultural Marxism – which put it there...

...the populations of Europe are beginning to get it: either we put grown-ups back in charge of the ship, or it is going down.

People see that right across Europe there are cities where women may no longer walk safely, because their governments have allowed an invading army – out of ‘compassion’ – to occupy their homeland. And they now sense that it was the control on free speech by the liberal thought police which brought us to this impasse.

And while they still suffer from the trained reflex to want to be normal and liked and thought good, they don’t want their wives and daughters raped while the police do nothing for fear of being seen as racist.

Tolerance as social control

No country has been as susceptible to falling abjectly before the liberal’s compassion-and-goodness card as the Germans. Since they lost the war, they didn’t get to write the history. And that history – one crafted by the victors – is forced down their throats from birth. But even in Germany, people have had enough. Sky News reports that 40 percent of Germans want Merkel out over her immigration policy...

We can take it as read that at least that number want their country back.

The same article has a video of an interview with Markus Schnapka, a member of the Bornheim Social Services Department. Mr Schnapka thinks that the inconvenient wrinkles in the liberal self-extermination policy can be ironed out if one simply explains nicely to the invading culture that masturbating and sexually assaulting women in swimming pools is not okay.

But then he would think that. His entire world view is based on the assumption that all it takes for one to become as big a fool as he is is a few therapy sessions and a box of Kleenex.

The invading army of young men, meanwhile, is looking to do what all invading armies do: spread its seed among the females of the defeated tribe...

Sweden, rather spectacularly, looked set to send back 80,000 illegal occupiers of its country...

But what is interesting is the change in vocabulary. Any deviation from the enforced language of ‘compassion’ is now no longer verboten...

There is this unpleasant thing called Reality. And while the culturally emasculated liberals in Europe have had their natural drives overridden by well-sounding but pernicious indoctrination, the invading army of ‘migrants’ has been eating Reality for breakfast, lunch and supper...

The rational among us have been kept in check since the roll-out of Cultural Marxism by stop-words such as ‘bigot’ and accusations of a lack of ‘compassion’. But now the liberal’s chickens have come here to roost, standing up to unbridled ‘compassion’ is not just a matter of common sense. It is a matter of survival...