Fact Check: Gardner and Hickenlooper on Immigration

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Colorado Times Recorder
Article date: 
23 October 2020
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Colorado News
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... Gardner said during the debate that he is in favor of protections for immigrants [illegal aliens] because “they’re my neighbors, they go to school with my children.” After stonewalling for many months, the Republican recently expressed support for the House-passed American Dream and Promise Act regarding DREAMers....

“The Senate should act quickly to provide permanent relief for Dreamers,” Gardner said in June....

Roughly 15,000 DREAMers currently live in Colorado, according to US Citizenship and Immigration Services data....

As a member of the House of Representatives in 2013, Gardner openly opposed a bipartisan bill that would have provided a pathway to citizenship [amnesty] for nearly 11 million [to 38 million] undocumented people [illegal aliens] in the United States and enact stronger border security measures....

As governor, Hickenlooper signed legislation granting in-state tuition to DREAMers and joined a lawsuit to stop the Trump administration from ending DACA.


While it is abundantly clear that Democrat Hickenlooper is doing everything he can to grant amnesty and taxpayer-paid benefits to illegal aliens, Gandner is but a half-step behind. It is indeed sad to see our elected public servants compete for the immigrant / illegal alien vote.