France: “Within five years the situation could become irreversible”

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Hugh Fitzgerald
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Jihad Watch
Article date: 
24 October 2019
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National News
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French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner’s recent revelation, discussed in the last hour, that “60 attacks have been foiled since 2013 and every week people are arrested,” recalled some statements of his predecessor Gérard Collomb, who is now mayor of Lyon, and who knows as much as anyone about France’s internal security situation. Collomb gave an interview in February 2018 which was only published in November of that year. Here is an excerpt:
    In your heart of hearts, how do you judge the security situation in France?
    Collomb: It’s very worrying. What I read every morning in notes from the police reflects a very pessimistic situation. The relations between people are very hard, people don’t want to live together…
    To what extent is immigration responsible for this?
    Collomb: Enormously so. It’s for that reason that, with Emmanuel Macron, we wanted to change the law…
    Your law only attacks illegal immigration. Legal immigration allows more than 200,000 people into the country each year…
    Collomb: It’s true. We’re doing it bit by bit. But that remains a problem…
    You think there is no more need for immigration in France?
    Collomb: “Yes, absolutely....
    What are you afraid of? Partition? Secession?
    Collomb: Yes, I’m thinking about that, that’s what worries me.
    How much time do we have before it’s too late?
    Collomb: I don’t want to create fear, but I think there’s very little time left.
    How much?
    Collomb: It’s difficult to estimate, but I would say that within five years the situation could become irreversible. Yes, we have five, six years to avoid the worst. Afterwards…
And on that note, after that terrifying aposiopesis, let us turn to an article from around the same time, about Muslim attacks on Jews in France....
Where does that murderous antisemitism come from?
It comes mainly from the antisemitic verses in the Qur’an, verses which Robert Spencer has usefully compiled, along with excerpts from classic and contemporary Qur’anic commentators. I have posted this material just below:
    The Qur’an depicts the Jews as inveterately evil and bent on destroying the wellbeing of the Muslims....