France to Vote on the Great Replacement of Western Civilization

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Every two weeks in France, a mosque is created and a church disappears
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Giulio Meotti
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Gatestone Institute
Article date: 
17 October 2021
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National News
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Where Islam takes hold, it is forever. Islamism is based on Islam, which no one has the right to criticize. But in your countries it also plays a role in democracy and in the rule of law. Islamism exploits these values. Since democracy recognizes all opinions, from the far right to the far left, it is obliged to recognize Islam as well. All those who do not commit attacks or violent acts are, in principle, protected in a state of law. Islamism thus immediately finds itself in a conquered terrain. It is necessary to fight Islamism from the beginning...  France is at the stage where it has just discovered that Islam is eroding her home".
- Boualem Sansal, Algerian novelist

... "In 2050 we will be a half-Islamic country, in 2100 we will be an Islamic republic", according to Éric Zemmour, the journalist and presidential hopeful in 2022...

[French historian Georges] Bensoussan recently told Le Figaro what is happening to his country:

"For safety reasons, Jewish children have massively abandoned public education. In the suburbs, there is a climate that recalls the worst memories of the Jewish Maghreb. It is a French defeat and not a Jewish defeat, because the whole of French society is threatened by what threatens Jews today. The Seine-Saint-Denis has lost 80% of its Jewish population in 20 years".

"Every two weeks in France, a mosque is created and a church disappears," said Edouard de Lamaze, president of the Observatory of Religious Patrimony....

Two thousand military servicemen signed a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron and the government, warning that France is on the verge of collapse and civil war because the state has "surrendered" to radical Muslims...

The study also reveals:

"[I]mmigrant women have a fertility rate of 2.73 children, compared to 1.9 for native women. The contrast is even more marked if we think of the 3.6 children for the Algerians, 3.5 children for the Tunisians, 3.4 children for the Moroccans and 3.1 children for the Turks, figures even higher than fertility in the countries of origin ...".


Recent Harris Poll shows a majority of French people are very worried about (White – European – Christian) population extinction in France because of mass Muslim immigration, Bare Naked Islam, November 10, 2021.