French National Suicide: Macron: millions promote Islam and Arabic in schools

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President Emmanuel Macron said on Friday his government will spend €10 million a year on the scheme, daily Le Figaro reports.
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It never occurred to him to promote French culture to Muslim students in France?
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Bare Naked Islam
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22 October 2021
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National News
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... At the educational level, Macron announced a ban on homeschooling beginning this year, with the only exceptions being “strictly limited for those with health requirements.” The French president said that school attendance will therefore be compulsory from the age of three. “It is a necessity,” he said....

The state must also “engage and support what should in our country allow the emergence of a better understanding of Islam,” Macron said. He continued by announcing the establishment of a “scientific institute of Islam” and additional related positions in higher education....

In reaction to Macron’s speech, French Islamic expert Romain Caillet wrote,  “At some point you have to choose, if they want less Islam at home that they stop immigration from the Muslim world, it seems more logical than wanting to reform Islam.”...


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