Gallup: Five Million Central Americans Want to Join Caravans to the U.S.

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Neil Munro
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Article date: 
13 November 2018
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National News
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Five million poor Central Americans want to migrate into the United States’ communities and workplaces, according to a report by Gallup.

The caravans of economic migrants moving northwards to the U.S. border “actually represent a relatively small fragment of a much larger group of people in their own region — and around the world — who say they would like to move to the U.S. if they could,” said Gallup.

The five million number is one-in-three adults in Central America, the survey firm said. But average birth rate and family size in Central America are roughly twice as large as in the United States, so the migration of 5 million could lead to the birth of at least 5 million additional people after the migrants get jobs in the United States....

The Mexican labor-trafficking cartels are expanding their business by offering to move people from Indian and African through their smuggling networks into U.S. jobs via the backlogged U.S. asylum system.
Migration is encouraged and welcomed by many Democratic legislators who rationally expect the government-dependent migrants to back their political party once the migrants are naturalized....


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