GOP Bill to Import 1 Million Low-Wage Replacements for U.S. Food Workers

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Neil Munro
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4 October 2017
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National News
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House Republicans are expected to approve a gigantic “H-2C” guest-worker bill on Wednesday that allows the nation’s food industry to employ one million low-wage, foreign guest-workers — regardless of how many Americans would lose their skilled or unskilled jobs in fields, orchards, cattle ranches, dairy farms, forests, seafood ports, meat-packing plants, and food processing factories.

The huge wave of outsourcing “guest workers” would displace and cut wages for a huge number of blue-collar Americans, and also would slash incentives for agriculture companies to develop and manufacture European-style high-tech labor-saving gear, such as robotic cow-milkers, fruit pickers, and meat cutters.

The H-2C bill is authored by Rep. Robert Goodlatte, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, whose members will vote Wednesday for the bill. His Virginia district includes several turkey and chicken processing plants which employ many low-wage migrants and new refugees.

The H-2C guest-workers would be cheaper than Americans because they would be paid a little above minimum wage. Also, they would not get housing or transport costs, the Earned Income Tax Credit, or even a guarantee of full-time work, according to the bill...