GOP-led committee OKs anti-sanctuary city bill, blocks immigration ‘overreach’ legislation

Article author: 
Joey Bunch
Article publisher: 
Colorado Politics
Article date: 
11 April 2017
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Colorado News
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A Colorado Senate Committee had partisan rulings on two bills about cooperating with the Trump administration on enforcing federal immigration laws Monday.

The Judiciary Committee voted along party lines to pass Senate Bill 281 to allow crime victims to sue taxpayers in so-called sanctuary cities, where law enforcement doesn’t “turn over” undocumented residents [illegal aliens] to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents for deportation.

The Republican-led committee rejected House Bill 1230, which would have prevented the state from assisting the Trump administration on immigration, titled by sponsors as “Protect Colorado Residents From Federal Government Overreach.”...

“Whether the number of crimes committed in our communities by criminal aliens is 10 percent or 2 percent, they are crimes that would not have happened if criminal aliens were removed and deported instead of being protected by sanctuary cities,” said Sen. Tim Neville, R-Littleton, who sponsored Senate Bill 281...

John Sampson, a retired 27-year immigration and customs enforcement agent, as well as a former New York City policeman, talked about three local violent crimes committed by undocumented residents [illegal aliens]...

Douglas County mother Chris Lazarus blamed Mexican drug cartels for ultimately supplying the heroin and cocaine that ended the life of her teen-aged son Matt in 2012. She and Matt’s brother have suffered psychologically since, she told the Judiciary Committee...



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