'Governing Socialism' and State Power

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'Governing Socialism' and State Power
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Canada Free Press
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29 January 2021
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Our American Future
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Grossly misguided Americans have been brainwashed in schools, taught manufactured history. What they do not really realize is that socialism does not mean “power to the people,” it is “power over the people,” and “power to the state.”

Government is not a solution to our problem; government is the problem. – Ronald Reagan

The American socialist left has been planning behind closed doors for over a century to govern the United States. But the Constitution has been in the way. They could not seize the means of production and bring about the totalitarian state power governing everything by the rule of one Party. But they finally succeeded by attaining one most important element in this battle—electoral power and dominance by one Party, the Socialist Democrats of America.
As Bill Fletcher wrote, by seizing state power the left has created a “hegemonic bloc that moves us away from capitalism, instead of just changing who controls the institutions that keep it running. Winning state power involves the domination and, over time, deconstruction and replacement of capitalist institutions.”
The path to socialist power has been rather simple. Denigrate capitalism and everything America has achieved as being evil, racist, and dreadful
Governing socialism is different from seizing state power.... As more socialists/Marxists win political office, they can achieve the societal transformation by which the capitalist state is replaced with the socialist state....
Censoring conservatives by technocrats, constant disinformation by the media, censoring the president of the United States and all those who worked with him by tech giants who now control speech, has put the final nail in the coffin of capitalism and allowed the so-called socialist Democrats to gain political power at all levels of society in the misguided effort to destroy the economy and install a new socialist society....