Great news! Mandatory E-Verify in Florida

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Governor Ron DeSantis Strikes At The Slave Power With Mandatory E-Verify—REASON Magazine Is NOT Happy!
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1 February 2023
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National News
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America’s Viktor Orban, Governor Ron DeSantis, is moving from victory to victory on social and cultural issues, besides having a 2.5% unemployment rate. After beating the tranny lobby and Disney, Governor DeSantis has moved against illegal aliens, doing his best to end the job magnet and participating in the legal actions against various Biden Regime Administrative Amnesties....

This time Governor DeSantis has backed up his threats against the Slave Power to enforce the use of E-Verify by employers in Florida... The Slave Power thought they could outwait Governor DeSantis, but that was not happening....

Reason claims that E-Verify is both error-ridden and ineffectual, therefore hobbling Americans and legally authorized aliens from obtaining a position with employers who use it. Of course, that makes no sense. No employer would use E-Verify if that were true. In any event, it is not true. E-Verify is fast and effective in authorizing employment....

Perhaps Kevin McCarthy could do something like attach mandatory E-Verify to the debt-limit bill?